Afternoon Inquisition

AI: Critical Crushes

Last week we established that most of you don’t have uncritical crushes, and differentiate “wanting to do someone” from “having an uncritical crush”.

To make it easier,or harder, as the case may be, which skeptics take your fancy?

I know, I know…Neil DeGrasse Tyson and the skepchicks. (Hey, that sounds like a cool band!)

Who is your critical crush?

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.

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  1. I will beat Amy and Maria to the punch (Neener neener!) and say, (as I know this will be a COMPLETE surprise), but my skeptical crush belongs to Dr. Steve Novella.

    And Desiree, from the local radio show here in Edmonton, Skeptically Speaking. She’s amazing as well.

  2. George Hrab is my crush, all the way. Can’t wait to meet him at TAM next year!

    I wish I knew more skeptics in my area, but I’m not sure Oklahoma has many – another reason I’m looking forward to TAM!

  3. Lately it has been Kat Arney from The Naked Scientists but I don’t technically know if she is a skeptic.

    BTW, the whole Naked Scientist gang (Chris, Kat, Ben, Dave, etc.) would be very good guests for TAM8. They are extremely good at communicating science.

  4. I’m a bit shy to answer this question, because several of my skeptical crushes are skepchicks/commenters, and suddenly I’m a 14-year-old kid again. I keep thinking to myself, “But what if they know it’s me???”

    Does Pamela Gay read this blog? I hope not. Is Ann Druyan off-limits because we all love Carl Sagan?

  5. My skeptic crushes go a little like this,
    listing a few though sure there are others I missed.
    Starts with George Hrab playing me tunes,
    stargazing with Pamela Gay at a distant galaxies’ moons,
    carr2d2 because she has my heart,
    jillus & amy because they’re sweet and do amazing art,
    Elyse for her laugh and being a true friend,
    Maria for her love of a moppy-haired American God man,
    last but not least rebecca for unicorns and her shoes,
    i love all those written above as there is not just one I can choose.

  6. Kari Byron and all of the skepchicks, Amanda Peet but Amanda is a bit of a cheat, I crushed on her before I knew I was a skeptic or she was one. Pamela Gay. I crush on women’s minds so so many of the women who comment here have triggerd the crush reaction. I’m a hopleless clever chaser.

  7. Haven’t seen many pictures so going by sexy voices it would have to be Pamela Gay from Astronomy Cast and Swoopy from Skepticality, in that order!

  8. It’s not so much a “crush” per se, but when Carl Zimmer came through Boston to give a talk promoting his Microcosm book, he was so gosh darn happy, and he brought along his plush toy E. coli. . . . I just wanted to give the man a great big skepti-hug!

    I think I’ve used up my crush energy on targets which I haven’t yet taken enough Vicodin to confess, so I don’t have anything else to say.

  9. @Jill:
    Darn you Jill…you beat me to him at our skepchick top-o-the-stair meeting too!

    Tiss true… I have a (purely innocent) big ol’ skepti-crush on Dr. Steven Novella. His super-smart brain is just dreamy. Sigh.

  10. @Briarking:

    True, but I can’t get a crush on someone I’m sexually intimidated by.

    I mean, I would want to cuddle with Pamela Gay after drinks at the local bar’s Trivia Night and 4 hours of conversation.

    Danica McKellar: I would….do things with her. unspeakable things.

  11. I know alot of people are saying Danica McKellar and all or some of the skepchicks, and I do agree with that. However, I’ve always had some what of a crush on Sarah Vowell, I’ve seen and heard many interviews with her, and she’s very funny, smart, and seems like my type. Besides, I wouldn’t have a shot with Danica or Rebecca

  12. Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard, obviously, because what’s not to love about smart funny men who look good in eyeliner?

    I refer to Phil Plait as my platonic internet crush (though I’ll have to revise that, having met him) because even though astronomy isn’t my thing, he makes it interesting. And he is awesome.

  13. Would John Hodgman and John Oliver from The Daily Show count? Wickedly sarcastic gets me every time ;)

    I’ll add to the Eddie Izzard love, and raise it with Stephen Fry (yeah, I know…) :D

    Otherwise, in the fictional realm, I love Phil and Lem on “Better Off Ted”. Maybe because I’ve known so many guys like that…

  14. I’ve developped a crush on Jennifer Oulette over at her Cocktail Party Physics blog.

    I’ll also admit a man crush on Steven Pinker. “How the Mind Works” was THE book that put me on this path in the first place and I refer to his ideas all the time.

  15. Even as an unimaginatively straight guy, I can’t let this thread rest without a vote for either David Tennant or Hugh Laurie. They might not be highly skeptically active, but they’ve both been outspoken in their woo-bashing before.

    Looking down the list so far, the one that most made me perk up and go “Ooh, yes” was Steven Pinker. And, I mean, Tim Minchin goes without saying. Obviously.

    Just to reiterate, very straight guy here. Yep. I love the ladies. Oh yeah.


  16. For me, it’s Kari Byron, just because she’s so f*ckin’ cute and, tho she is not trained as a scientist, is clearly both intelligent and adventurous (two characteristics that make me horny, baby! Yeah!). She also makes Mythbusters less of a testosterone-infused sausagefest.

    “Less artsy, more fartsy!”

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