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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. I want science to shed the boring and uncool rep as much as anyone here, but I can’t help but be leery of anything that caters to the hipster scene. They ruin everything they touch. It’s like how Soul Nights should be fabulous but you get there and it’s a bunch of greasy Urban Outfitter models patting each other on the back gushing about how cool and multi-cultural they’re being while the only people who know their Stax releases from their Motown in the place are the staff members they’re not bothering to tip.

    And I know, I know, it’s not always about me and my feelings, but they’ve co-opted my music and literature interests; now they want to mangle theories over Yuenglings because smart is sexy again for a minute and a half? Eff off for real, jerks.

    Oh. Um. What I meant to say was, that pink dolphin would be even cooler if it had a horn. And the article doesn’t state whether it poops salt water taffy or not, but I have a feeling it does.

  2. I totally thought a Pink Dolphin was a popular sex toy for women, or a REALLY unappealing name for male genitals.

    Instead, it’s pretty much the best animal ever… you learn something new every day…

  3. @Expatria: Sometimes, Dr. Freud, a pink dolphin (or a giant snake) is just a pink dolphin (or a giant snake).

    And other times it is a signs of the End Times. A suspiciously cute End Times.

  4. Think of all the animals you’ve ever heard about, like rhinoceros and tigers, cat and mink. There are lots of funny animals in all this world, but have you ever seen a dolphin that is pink?


    A dolphin that is positively pink?

  5. *happy sniff* A link to my graph on Skepchick…my life is doubly complete, it was on Bad Astronomy too. I guess my 15 milliseconds of fame have come and gone. Good thing, Pauly Shore would have got 30 milliseconds otherwise (to paraphrase Al Bundy).
    I did learn something important too, apparently Comic Sans is not a beloved font.

  6. @Slashy J. Izzbourne: Yeah, apparently it’s quite unpopular withcertain people. I have to admit I use Comic Sans but only for actual comics. I did notice that the Ban Comic Sans site has a collection of alternative fonts for comics. I might have to explore those. “Fluorine” looks pretty good as does “Basically Functional”. And “International Super Hero” has sparked some ideas…

  7. Oh God. My mind’s throwing up the weirdest ideas based on pink dolphin being a name for male genitalia. Please make it stop. :-o

  8. Other things “pink dolphin” might be:
    – a singles bar for marine biologists
    – a mixed drink using pina colada mix and cherry liqueur
    – something listed in Urban Dictionary that you really didn’t want to know the meaning of

  9. @Steve: That site is too funny, I must be behind the times (new roman, boo!) because I’ve never heard of it. That dollar bill is great! Maybe I’ll start using Jinky, or Turntablz. And I’ve got one called Barbeque that is cool but a bit difficult to read.
    Now, I need to work “pink dolphin” into a conversation today.

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