Skepchick Quickies 1.15


Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. The world would be a little bit better place if Christians and Muslims got along so well as Jesus & Mo.

  2. Oh Jenny don’t you know the old Klingon proverb that says that, “irony can be quite ironic sometimes.”

  3. I really hate it when an article sites a recent discovery of a thought to be long dead species of anything as a victory of Cryptozoology. It wasn’t a cryptozoologist who found the coelacanth, it was a Japanese fisherman, and then science validated that it was the known to have existed at one time but thought long extinct fish.

  4. Can you think of anything that people won’t rub on their faces if they are told that it will make them younger or more beautiful or richer or attractive to the opposite sex?

    When I make my billion dollars, I am going to run a 3 minute PSA that is nothing but an short video of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  5. I remember a shorts story in which a group of researchers combed through statistics, looking for communities with unusually low incidents of violence. They found one place and discovered “something in the water”, which they purified and released into the air. World peace suddenly breaks out. They find out too late, though, that the same community has an abnormally high incidence of dementia. The story ends with a researcher’s journal entry, which gradually deteriorates into gibberish.

    One of those “be careful what you wish for” stories. Can’t remember the exact details but it might’ve been a Stephen King story in Omni Magazine, probably in the mid 80s.

  6. One of my faculty got me a moisturizer set set for Xmas that proudly proclaims, “PLACENTA CREAM” on the label.

    I’m not entirely sure I can bring myself to use it. It’s not like I’m vegan or anything, just that the thought of rubbing placenta on my face kind of icks me out.

  7. @Amanda: I actually think this was sheep placenta, as it came from New Zealand and has a sheep on the label.

    It does not list the actual source of the placenta, though. Obviously they have different labeling regulations.

    It’s sitting in my bathroom, daring me to use it. Actually, placenta aside, I’m kind of afraid to because I have really sensitive skin and no wish to look like I have leprosy until it heals again.

  8. @GeekGirlsRule: Oh, I don’t know, that could be the most amazing calling-out-sick reason ever. “I can’t come in today, I caught leprosy from this sheep placenta face cream.”

  9. Can you think of anything that people won’t rub on their faces if they are told that it will make them younger or more beautiful or richer or attractive to the opposite sex?

    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that they put ground up placenta in really expensive lotions and face creams. They don’t list it as an ingredient but apparently the lotion companies seem to think there’s something to it.

    My wife had hers dehydrated, crushed and put into capsules because it’s apparently supposed to help stop hemmoraging after birth. And the instant she feels a cold coming on she takes a couple and it seriously knocks it out in less than 24 hours. Could be placebo, but she’s willing to take that chance as long as it keeps working.

  10. @Amanda: Oh, but then my faculty member would feel bad, and he’s such a sweet guy.

    He brings me pie for proofreading his correspondence (English is not his native language), since he isn’t strictly speaking one of “MY” faculty. And he gave me a twenty (in addition to the placenta cream) for Xmas, because he couldn’t figure out which coffee shop I might like best (I drink LOADS of coffee). It’s Seattle where coffee-loyalty can be a touchy subject. He’s a really sweet guy.

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