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A Skepchick crashes the Skeptologist’s party

Skeptologists at work


Last week I worked the pilot shoot for The Skeptologists.    They needed a make-up aritst, and this geek fangirl needed Nerdvana.  We both won.Spooky Shermer

I’ll leave it to the The Skeptologists (Yau-Man Chan, Mark Edward, Steve Novella, Phil Plait, Kirsten Sanford & Michael Shermer;  plus host Brian Dunning)  to talk about the content.   I’m just posting to say two things:

1) This is a show we need.  If you’re here, you’re just the sort of gal (or guy) who should support it.  It’s funny, smart, mainstream, & thoughtful.  Most of all, it’s time.   There are shows out there with skeptical angles and broad appeal (hello Mythbusters!  hello Doctor Who!  hello House, M.D.!) and it’s about time skepticism as skepticism had a day in the sun too. 

2) These folks are just as dedicated and smart as they seem.  What was a delight to behold was that they were so much more too:  Dr. Novella is much funnier than he edits himself to sound on The Skeptics Guide; Kiki Sanford is even more animated and sassy than she sounds on This Week in Science, Yau-Man Chan is positively the lovelist skeptical Survivor on Earth, and Mark Edward is less spooky in the daylight than in his normal candlelit settings.

Oh, also, it was just as sweet as you might think to run my fingers through Michael Shermer’s hair, or sunblock the perfect paleness that is Phil Plait.  Probably sweeter.  Just sayin’.

Skeptologists shoot, Day 4

Phil and a sweet NASA thermal camera



A B Kovacs is the Director of Døøm at Empty Set Entertainment, a publishing company she co-founded with critical thinker and fiction author Scott Sigler. She considers herself a “Creative Adjacent” — helping creative people be more productive and prolific by managing the logistics of Making for the masses. She's a science nerd, a rabid movie geek, and an unrepentantly voracious reader. She doesn't like chocolate all that much.

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  1. So jealous of you!

    I really hope this show gets picked up. Just from seeing some of the pictures on facebook, it looks like it will be a lot of fun and really interesting too.

  2. The photos, the Trailer… just wow!

    A much needed show with people that may as well be the rock stars of skepticism.

    Go The Skeptologists!

  3. Where is this going to be broadcast once it is produced?

    As a Michael Shermer fanboi, I’m a guaranteed audience.

  4. A:

    We met at CFI-LA that last day of taping.

    Let’s not forget the spontaneously (non-combusting) humorous Phil Plait, who did take after take on the joys of wheat-grass. That alone would make a great YouTube video.

    A fan already,

  5. Hi Brian!

    Yeah, I wonder how Phil feels after all those takes? ;-)

    But, then again- whatever it takes for science!

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