Dawkins, DNA, and blasphemy

ETA: We pre-empt your irregularly scheduled random video viewing to bring you the following masterpiece that was in the comments to Rebecca’s post.

Beware the believers!


And please still do check out the following videos behind the cut.

Here’s a nifty video on DNA wrapping and replication that I came across on Revealed.


This next video is so wrong. By which I mean funny. (Note who the makers of the product are at the end.)



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  1. “He’s smarter than you. He studied biology!”

    That’s just great. Also, I for one welcome our new rapping robot overlords.

  2. I recognize Dawkins, Hitchins and of course Darwin in the first video. Can anyone tell me who the other players (playa’s?) are….

  3. The biomedical animations that Drew Berry and Etsuko Uno are doing at WHEI are nothing short of amazing. Check out some of the other things they’ve produced.

    (WHEI is about five minutes walk from where I work, incidentally, not that it makes a difference.)

  4. Anyone know how I can get an MP3 of the audio from the first clip? I need to add that to my E=MC Hawking collection!!! I am serious. Please help.

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