Skepchick Quickies for 2.05

It’s super Tuesday! Not for me, but hey, I thought I’d mention it anyway.


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  1. Curses or whatever. I'm just so very happy those arrogant Patriot pricks lost! (And the felonious Cowboys, but that was many weeks ago.)


    Thank you Briarking for spoiling a perfectly good 4-hour VHS recording of Sunday night's game, which I hadn't seen yet.

    So far, I had somehow managed to avoid any references to the results of the game by simply staying out of blog-topics that seemed to contain potential spoilers. Perhaps I was wrong by hoping that skepchicks might be less inclined to pick up the subject of the superbowl than, say, a forum filled with beerdrinking rednecks or something.

  3. Oh man! I'm so sorry, Mr. Ex!

    I assumed, since they're always saying the Superbowl has over 2 billion viewers or some such, the odds that anyone who cared hadn't seen it TWO DAYS later were small. It's still fun to watch if you dislike Tom Brady like I do.

    Now, I readily concede that I would be damned by god, but my mother is not a bitch! … Oooh wait, my biological father was, so I guess it's still apt. ;)

  4. Wanna hear the worst part of it?

    It appears I didn't fully rewind the tape, which means the game cuts off just under two minutes before the end, with the Patriots leading 14-10. I'm sure I missed a pretty good drive there …

    On the other hand, I did get a good half hour or more of yapping between the commentators beforehand.

    I think next year I'm just watching it live. Even if it DOES mean staying up until 4AM to see the end …

  5. I love this whole phenomenon: why are the patriots arrogant just because they are winning lately? Back in 2002 when they first won, they were in the exact same shoes as the Giants! And people were rooting for the Pats because THEY were the underdogs. This is hysterical. :)

  6. Hey, since I don't care who wins or loses, I always root for the underdog.

    Anyway, considering a recent blog entry suggested that global warming denialism uses tactics to doubt global warming similar to watching the recent superbowl game and cutting it off two minutes before the end to have the patriots win it, I wondered how many forms of Evidence I could demand that would definitively prove to me that the Patriots did in fact NOT win. Such things would include a variety of sources (newspaper articles clearly headlining the Giants won the game, pictures of the Giants taking the trophy, footage of the winning touchdown, etc…).

    But I could come up with equally numerous excuses to explain why anything other than a full screen, two minute clip of the last two minutes of the game would not be sufficient to convince me.

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