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It’s the Skepchick Sundaylies! The Unknown Crystallographer, Truth in Advertising, and Violating Facebook’s Terms of Service


Sunday Funny: Are kids natural scientists? (via SMBC)

Mad Art Lab

Monarch of Crystallography: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin and the Structure of Large Molecules (Women in Science 73)
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin is the groundbreaking crystallographer and Nobel Prize winner no one remembers.

Mad Art Cast Episode #69 — Kendall Jenner and the Art of Advertising
Ashley, A, and Brian talk about truth in advertising.

…And Your Little Cat, Too
How does a “semi internet famous cat” named Captain Pancakes violate Facebook’s terms of service? When he happens to be owned by a photographer who uses Facebook to promote her work.

Featured image credit: zeevveez via Flickr

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