Quickies: The Orbit launches, feminist glaciology, and Deaf architecture

  • The Orbit has launched! – The Orbit is a new blog network of “…atheist and nonreligious bloggers committed to social justice, within and outside the secular community. We provide a platform for writing, discussion, activism, collaboration, and community.” Check out the awesome roster of writers!
  • Author of “feminist glaciology” study reflects on sudden appearance in culture wars – “We chose the title “feminist glaciology” to provoke discussion about who is producing knowledge about glaciers and what the implications of that existing knowledge are, including whose voices are left out and what types of scientific questions are asked (and which ones might thus be ignored).” From Mary.
  • How Gallaudet University’s architects are redefining Deaf space – “Now 10 years old, DeafSpace is an architectural approach that springs from the particular ways Deaf people perceive and inhabit space. It has grown from small workshops—in which participants expressed Deaf sensibilities that were well-known but had never been codified—into the key set of principles shaping new buildings and renovation projects on Gallaudet’s campus, helmed by a cross-disciplinary research institute.”
  • Olivia Munn and “appropriating nerd culture” – Just a new way to call someone a “fake geek girl.”
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  1. March 15, 2016 at 8:39 am —

    FYI, the “feminist glaciology” link points to The Orbit’s kickstarter page.

  2. March 15, 2016 at 3:54 pm —

    FWIW, ‘appropriating geek culture’ is about as appropriate as half of what people say is ‘cultural appropriation’. (I’ve actually heard it used for sangria.)

    The original point was very specific to indigenous religious practices, honors, and identity being claimed by non-indigenous persons. A bit more serious than some white dude watching anime or whatever. So to appropriate the word ‘appropriation’ is almost meta.

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