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Skepchick Quickies 1.4

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    • Thank you. Yes, sadly zoos claim that they “educate” the public, another area of greenwashing. Zoos send the message that nature is “cruel” and that wild animals are better off in enclosures. Meanwhile they’re breeding species like mad while their habitat disappears, making it seem like they can be released into areas that have shown themselves to not support that species.

        • That’s nice, but Goodall is clearly out of touch with recent studies. We now know that large species are unable to exhibit their normal behaviors such as keeping large territories or migrating when the weather changes. This causes severe problems.

          There have also been studies regarding public perception. The “education” people receive refers to blind memorization and regurgitation of facts plastered on signs or repeated by zoo staff.

          In reality zoos teach people that nature is cruel, and that wild animals are better off in human enclosures.

  1. The Violence Against Women bill issue is just vile. Cantor reportedly does not like the Native American aspect of the bill.

    If a white or otherwise non-Native American male assaults a Native American female, Cantor thinks they should sit around and wait for state and federal agencies to respond instead of allowing on-site Native American councils to take care of the matter.

    This man makes me sick.

  2. Re the gender pay gap. There was extended coverage of this on ABC TV and a really good 7.30 Report interview with Dr Carla Harris.

    She debunked the notion that women were inferior negotiators but suggested that the way this was perceived by management could be different.

    Thus a man pushing for a raise could be seen as a good leader, but the same thing in a woman may be perceived negatively.

    Yeah, go figure.

    • Jack99

      You that sexist game who’s been stalking women in World Of Warcraft? The guy in the story you sent Skepchick, that they posted here. He goes by the name of ShrineNI?

      I no longer play that game due to the fact it was creating too big a whole in my wallet. I’m not a girl, but even so, if I was still playing WOW, I think I might want to go on sexist pig hunt. Maybe you could get a group of women gamers, or just WOW players in general to start harassing him in game, just to give him a taste of his own medicine?

      • Hi Crticaldragon,

        I laugh when I see some typos and wonder who else, like me, types in the dark at 4am sometimes?

        I like your thinking that some kickback is in order.

        Trouble is, if there is inevitably escalation, we don’t want to become a cure worse than the disease by sinking to gutter tactics ourselves.

        To take an extreme example, the sickest serial killers in our fair city’s history were the Bodies in The Barrels murderers whose original motivation was vigilante justice against pedophiles.

        So I guess I’m saying, we would need to work these things out in advance.

        Also, personally, I’m not much of a gamer these days.

        Great links, BTW. Respect!

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