Skepchick Quickies 1.23

Skepchick Quickies 1.23

On January 23, 1849, Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in the US, received her medical degree. To be admitted to medical school, the dean and faculty let the 150 male students vote, with the stipulation that one negative vote would deny her entry. Fortunately, the students thought it was a prank and they unanimously voted to allow Elizabeth to attend. Make sure you read more about this fascinating woman!

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Mary Brock is a scientist who works on drugs you've hopefully never heard of. She enjoys cooking to Blue Grass music, messing with her cats, and hosting the Boston Skeptics' Book Club. She was born in the South but loves living in New England (despite the lack of chocolate chip pizza). Mary does not use Twitter and don't even try to follow her, because she is always looking over her shoulder.


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    I’ve wondered about that button thing for many decades. My thought was that it makes it easier for opposite sexes to undress each other.

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    At the risk of threadjacking, good news, everybody! The RCC has declared that unborn fetuses should not be regarded as legal persons, after all! At least, in any situation that might cost them money.

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    When I read “fake ingredients” I was thinking unicorn carbuncles or wyvern lymph or something.

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    Yeesh the button article was poorly written and researched. Leaving aside the fact that no one wore powdered wigs in the Renaissance, might the author have noted that aristocratic women had servants dress them because their wardrobes were so complex it was actually not possible for them to dress themselves? Further, since aristocratic men were also dressed by servants, this makes no sense as a rationale.

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