• Quickiesa picture of a chevotrain, or "mouse-deer"

    Quickies: Too many bad apples, pooping LEGOs, Aboriginal star names, …

    Welcome to the LATE edition of Friday Quickies and Cute Animal Friday! Apparently my body decided it needed all the sleep after my trip to Puerto Rico. I’m pretty sure I still have grease from the Arecibo Telescope somewhere on me. But that’s a topic for another post! Let’s dive in to the stories: The Plain View Project finds thousands…

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  • Skepticism

    ICYMI: December 16 – December 22 on the Skepchick Network

    Happy Christmas/Newton-mas Eve! What? Did you think that just because it’s holiday time that I’d forget about you? Never! Enjoy these selections from the Skepchick Network! Teen Skepchick F*** You! Listen to My Argument! Olivia argues for civility in discussion. Merry Secular Christmas Katie shares her plan for a meaningful, secular Christmas celebration. TSBS Episode 3: I Never Thought the…

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