Quickies: Too many bad apples, pooping LEGOs, Aboriginal star names, …

... and the cutest little ungulates you ever did see!

Welcome to the LATE edition of Friday Quickies and Cute Animal Friday! Apparently my body decided it needed all the sleep after my trip to Puerto Rico. I’m pretty sure I still have grease from the Arecibo Telescope somewhere on me. But that’s a topic for another post!

Let’s dive in to the stories:

Sorry, no pets for Cute Animal Friday. We’re keeping it wild with this wildly adorable chevrotain which looks like a cross between a mouse and a deer. Look at its itty-bitty legs! Link goes to the Javan Chevrotain; image is of the Lesser Malayan Chevrotain. Via Muscadine. (Edited 6/21/19 for correct attribution.)

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Nicole is a professor, astronomer, educator, geek, dog mom, occasional fitness nerd, and maker of tiny comets. She is also very loud under the right circumstances. Like what you read? Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/noisyastronomer

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