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    Hi! I’m Olivia

    Why hello dear readers! My name is Olivia and I am fresh to adulthood. Or at least if we’re looking strictly at my Skepchick life I am. I’ve been writing over at Teen Skepchick for about three years now, but as a 22 year old I was starting to get a little out of the age range for teen. And…

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    The Atheist Academic VI: Where You Should Put Your Penis

    Originally posted on School of Doubt — you can read The Atheist Academic columns on Saturday mornings, usually.  Back in college, I was a volunteer rape crisis counselor. I had months of training, and I was on call for a few days a month. Basically, if a person (almost always a woman)  was sexually assaulted and went to the hospital, I…

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  • Featured

    Dealing With Tragedy as an Atheist

    Originally posted at, written by Alasdair Unless I’m guilty of a particularly morbid form of confirmation bias, it seems like there have been quite a few high-profile tragic events across the world recently. The Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston bombing, the events on the island of Utøya in Norway, and now the terrible scenes of destruction across Oklahoma City.…

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  • Announcing a New Skepchick: Surly Amy Roth!

    At The Amaz!ng Meeting 7 last weekend, I finally had the chance to meet the awesome lady who has been supplying the Skepchicks with sexy jewelry for the past several years (has it been that long? I suspect it has). Amy has always struck me as the kind of chick to get things done, which happens to be my favorite…

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  • James Randi & Friends in the UK!

    Not every new calendar entry gets its own shout-out here on Skepchick, but those that are run by Skepchicks or their crushes certainly do. To that end, let me point out that my favorite cheeky skeptical monkey Sid Rodrigues of Skeptics in the Pub has organized a fantastic event in London this April 19: An Evening with James Randi and…

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  • Sex and Skepticism Audio

    I’ve been informed that my talk for the New York City Skeptics is now available as a free MP3! If you missed the event and want to know where all the skeptical women are, head to their site and have a listen.

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  • Monday, March 24: Boston Skeptics in the Pub!

    Elyse seems to think that the Chicago Skepchick readers and Friendly Atheists can rock harder than the East Coast. I say we put it to the test: a mere two days after their meet-up, I’ll be hosting the very first Boston Edition of Skeptics in the Pub! The info: WHEN Monday, March 24 2008 7pm WHO Mike the Mad Biologist!…

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  • Skeptics’ Circle & The Amateur Scientist Podcast!

    I know that Skepchick is just swimming in good content today, but I wanted to jump in and post two links: 1. The Skeptics’ Circle is up on the Conspiracy Factory. Lots of fantastic stuff organized around a rather Buffy-esque storyline! Thanks to Elyse for keeping the Circle updated on the goings-on here at Skepchick. (Also, did we link to…

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