Tori Parker

Tori is a high school English teacher from Ohio (insert cheerleader kick here)! She is emphatic! She is skeptical! She is nifty! Her boyfriend says that they can get a potbellied pig someday and name him Bacon. She has a little boy whose pseudonym is SC, although he has recently asked that his name be changed to Henry. When asked for a comment to add on this bio, he asked, "Why do we sound like a bad '70's cop show?" So there's that.
  • Feminism

    Abuse isn’t Always on the Outside

    Originally posted (by me) on Grounded Parents. Trigger warning for abuse and for being married to a mind-controlling jerk. I met him when I was lonely, and confused, and young and idealistic. I met him when I was still aching over the big, gaping hole in my gut that my college boyfriend had left. He was older than me and…

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  • Activism

    The Atheist Academic XV: Save Yourself

    Originally posted on School of Doubt :) For me, the most haunting part was the 911 call from Columbine. For five minutes, a terrified adult in charge of students simpered on the phone, alternately screaming at students to hide underneath tables in the library. For five minutes, students held back their instinct and stayed put. And then, you could hear…

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  • Guest Bloggers

    The Atheist Academic X: Don’t you Dare Make Me Pledge!

    Crossposted from School of Doubt! Go check us out! We’re good! I promise!  Every day, I cringe a little bit when I hear it. The Pledge of Allegiance. My whole class of high school freshmen stand , hand over heart, and recite it. My 6-year old proudly recalls how he says the Pledge in his first grade classroom. And no one…

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  • Guest Bloggers

    The Atheist Academic VI: Where You Should Put Your Penis

    Originally posted on School of Doubt — you can read The Atheist Academic columns on Saturday mornings, usually.  Back in college, I was a volunteer rape crisis counselor. I had months of training, and I was on call for a few days a month. Basically, if a person (almost always a woman)  was sexually assaulted and went to the hospital, I…

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  • Skepticism

    The Atheist Academic III: Separating Church and State

    A recent article from Tori Parker on (come check us out!) I’d like to start this week’s column with a question from a loyal reader. (I suppose I can’t actually call someone a “loyal” reader when this is column #3, but it makes me feel better.) Anyway, Belinda from Oklahoma asks,“What are some ways of handling separation of church…

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  • Featured

    Dealing With Tragedy as an Atheist

    Originally posted at, written by Alasdair Unless I’m guilty of a particularly morbid form of confirmation bias, it seems like there have been quite a few high-profile tragic events across the world recently. The Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston bombing, the events on the island of Utøya in Norway, and now the terrible scenes of destruction across Oklahoma City.…

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