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    Quickies: Black holes, dealing with anxiety, buzzing your hair, and more on COVID…

    Hello, all! What differentiates the weekend from a weekday for those of us stuck working at home? Less Zoom professional meetings and more Zoom happy hours. COVID-related stories: Check out this long and good read, Our Pandemic Summer, on why we shouldn’t expect to “get back to normal.” The death rate is Not Like the Flu, Not Like Car Crashes,…

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  • Quickiesa brown dog and a black dog sitting on a cushion, looking up at the camera

    Quickies: Some “stay at home” survival resources

    We’re in a whole new world… here in the US specifically in the last two weeks since my last post. One would think I’d have plenty of time to write now, right? Not so much… first off, taking your well-planned (or not) in-person course and making it remote is NOT trivial. Second, my anxiety brain is 100% in overdrive.┬áMaybe you…

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  • Random Asides

    Bad Chart Thursday: Hair Length

    This week’s bad chart pretty much made itself. It begins with this article about women with short hair being damaged, which is clearly a parody of the racist male supremacists who bravely pontificate on the Internet anonymously about truly important subjects like hair length. The entire piece is a brilliant satire of the type of man who would actually think…

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