Quickies: Some “stay at home” survival resources

We’re in a whole new world… here in the US specifically in the last two weeks since my last post. One would think I’d have plenty of time to write now, right? Not so much… first off, taking your well-planned (or not) in-person course and making it remote is NOT trivial. Second, my anxiety brain is 100% in overdrive. Maybe you feel the same?

So, for today’s Quickies, rather than focus on the news, I’d like to share some things that actually might help through this time.

Featured animals are my doggos, Macey and Luna, who have become regular features of my videoconferences and classes.

Have a story or cute animal to share? Join the conversation on Discord or reach us via our Contact Form. Stay healthy and stay safe, everyone.


Nicole is a professor, astronomer, educator, geek, dog mom, occasional fitness nerd, and maker of tiny comets. She is also very loud under the right circumstances. Like what you read? Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/noisyastronomer

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