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    Quickies: Liz comes out swinging, and non-binary spec fic creators you should know

    Elizabeth Warren eviscerates Bloomberg on his record of non-disclosure agreements pertaining to sexual harassment and gender discrimination. And here I though Bloomberg being on stage was a bad thing! It gave Liz a chance to shine. But she didn’t stop with him! Check out SyFy’s 13 non-binary writers and comic creators changing sci-fi and fantasy. The work of Mad Art…

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  • Skepticism

    Stranger Things, for Wimps

    My name is Julia Burke, and I have a scary movie problem. I think. I’ve never actually seen one all the way through. In 2005 I made it through about thirty minutes of House of Wax, which seemed too goofy to be actually scary and featured Dean from Gilmore Girls, before leaving the theater early to spend the rest of…

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