• Quickiesdog in a field of flowers

    Quickies: Scam artists are still selling bleach as medicine…

    It’s Friday and the start of a three-day weekend for my fellow United States-ians. But before you get to your memorials, barbecues, sales, and grueling workouts, we have some news and cute animals for you. First off, say hello to our fearless leader’s fearless dog, Indy! He’s fluffy, he’s happy, and he loooooves everybody. I can confirm that he is…

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  • Parenting

    Cross-Post: Don’t Like. Don’t Share. Don’t Comment. Don’t Pray.

    Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Deek and originally featured on Grounded Parents. A link to the whole article, where you can leave comments, is at the bottom.¬† ****** You may have seen it in your Facebook news feed: a picture of a mother in the NICU¬†cradling her baby surrounded by medical equipment, a smiling child with down…

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