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  • Feminism

    Women in Secularism: Interview with Lindsay Beyerstein

    Women in Secularism 3 is coming up this May. The speakers list includes many admirable, accomplished women with whom I am humbled to be billed (including our very own Amy and Debbie). One of them is Lindsay Beyerstein, an accomplished journalist and all-around interesting person, as I found out last Skepticon. Without further ado, I present her comments on journalism, photography,…

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  • New Point of Inquiry Hosts

    Yesterday, the Center for Inquiry (CFI) announced three new hosts for the Point of Inquiry Podcast: Chris Mooney, Robert Price, and…me. I wish they’d told me about it first… Just kidding! I accepted their offer immediately. I’m honored to be the representative skeptic, despite being an ex-pat Aussie who doesn’t even pronounce “Inquiry” the same way. I’m thrilled to be…

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