New Point of Inquiry Hosts

Yesterday, the Center for Inquiry (CFI) announced three new hosts for the Point of Inquiry Podcast: Chris Mooney, Robert Price, and…me.

I wish they’d told me about it first…

Just kidding! I accepted their offer immediately. I’m honored to be the representative skeptic, despite being an ex-pat Aussie who doesn’t even pronounce “Inquiry” the same way.

I’m thrilled to be part of the trinity that replaces the irreplaceable DJ Grothe, who has now moved on to become President of the James Randi Educational Foundation, succeeding Dr Phil Plait.

I guess this means it’s my turn to become the next JREF President?

Wait around long enough and I’m sure we’ll all get a go! ;)

I have several “Fascinating People” lined up for future interviews (the CFI equivalent of Scientology’s “Suppressive Person”). Of course, I’m keen to hear suggestions for future interviewees from you, dear Skepchick reader.

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  1. Congrats Karen! I hope your experience on Monster Talk has prepared you to be the devil’s advocate as well as DJ!

    Although, you could say pretty much anything in your accent and it will sound complimentary. Accents are like that. Unless you are German, and then you sound mad.

  2. well I suppose I will STILL listen. you being on there makes me have high hopes that what your voice says is as funny and interesting and insightful as what your fingers type here.

    I know alien abductees, but for suggetions I think that Temple Grandin would be interesting.

  3. Congrats! I’m glad you’ll be staying on with Monster Talk as well!

    And it’s always bothered me that they pronounced Inquiry wrong ;)

  4. Congrats Karen!

    I’d love to hear Ayan Hirsi Ali. I love and admire that woman. Her’s is a tale of bravery, intelligence, and a battle against religious dogma that has translated into the emotional and physical abuse of many Muslim women, especially in Africa.

    She is fascinating.

  5. Cool, congratulations! Though if Chris Mooney proposes renaming to “Point of exceedingly polite accommodationist inquiry unless your superstitious beliefs contradict the facts and then we’ll back off”, promise us you will commence with the smack-down.

  6. Thanks everyone!


    I think the next Monster Talk goes live tonight. We interviewed Jimmy Chilcutt of ‘bigfoot’s toeprints’ fame.

    Tomorrow we’re interviewing out next guest, Greg Long, author of The Making of Bigfoot: The Inside Story.

  7. I would certainly enjoy listening to two of the three interviewers, but Mooney? He’s boring, tolerant of intolerance and of deliberate ignorance.

    Oh well, I think you’ll do great enough to make up for him. Congrats.

  8. Congratulations Karen. Great news. POI is just about my favourite thing in the world (aside from my family).

    I’d love to hear interviews with the comic book writers Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. That should be a lot of fun. I think he’s been on POI before, but Massimo Pigliucci is another guy who I always like to hear talk. In fact, I’d like to put out a general call for more philosophers on POI. Has Ophelia Benson been on yet? If not, please get her on soon.

  9. Ah, now that’sa good news! I’m already a listener to POI along with Monster Talk so I’m sure to have my recommeded dosage of Ozian.

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