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    EVENTS This Week—Christmas Drag Show, St. Augustine & Bertrand Russell Debate + MORE!

    Hey, everybody! It’s time to switch things up and give you all a bit more notice about upcoming events, so from here on out, look for this post on Wednesdays about events for roughly the following Friday–Thursday. This is especially important this week for those of you who need to plan your outfit for the Jingle Balls: Christmas Drag Show…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: The end is near!

    ELECTION DAY! IT’S HERE! WE CAN FINALLY GO BACK TO TALKING CIVILLY ABOUT HOW MUCH WE DISAGREE! No, seriously, I am so done with this election. And it ended with a frustrating showdown of me vs. Texas for Mofo’s suffrage. In the end, I cast a ballot that probably won’t be counted, was lied to about 50 times and sent…

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  • My last TAM 5.5 update (promise)

    I’m writing this from the Fort Lauderdale airport (go free wi-fi yay).* I should be on my plane right now, but the flight has been “slightly delayed” by an hour thanks to wind and snow in Boston. Yep, I’m leaving a mini-paradise of warm, sunny weather to go back to the horrid frozen tundra of Boston. I didn’t realize how…

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  • More TAM 5.5 photos!

    Randi shows off his stuff Mexican for dinner with Phil and our friend Matt (More after the jump) Brian Dunning from Skeptoid, Bart Farkas and I hang out after our podcasting seminar Alison from SAPS (and JREF intern), Phil Plait from Bad Astronomy, and me Check out my Flickr site for more photos! I’ll update it as often as the…

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  • Greetings from sunny Florida

    Hi all, I’m here in Ft. “Home of the JREF” Lauderdale for TAM 5.5! Not to make you all jealous or anything. Thanks to free wi-fi here at the hotel, I’m able to get up before the sun in order to buzz through 80 e-mails and give a little bloggy update. I arrived just about on time, around 3pm. Jeff…

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  • TAM5.5 and Random Skepchick News Updates

    It’s currently about 30 degrees in Boston and the entire city is covered in permafrost. This is the warmest it’s been all week. Tomorrow, I’ll be hopping a plane and leaving it all behind for the duration of TAM5.5, located in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida! Well, sort of sunny. It’ll be a bit gloomy Thursday and Friday apparently, but Saturday…

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