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  • Feminism

    Thanks for the Feminism, Nice Guys!

    I grew up in the girl power 90s; my motto was “Anything you can do, I can do better.” I thought the need for feminism was over. Of my nearly two dozen first cousins, the boys were closest to me in age. As the girls were teenagers too cool to willingly deal with a grubby-fingered tomboy, I spent most of…

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  • Activism

    Speaking Out Against Hate Directed At Women: Michael Nugent

    Welcome to part ten of my series on speaking out against hate directed at women. Today, I bring you the words of Michael Nugent. Michael is a writer from Dublin, Ireland, and chair of the advocacy group Atheist Ireland. Michael speaks specifically about cyber harassment and how the majority of people who are harassed are women and that we as…

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