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    Quickies: Catch up on impeachment, or just a good book…

    It’s Friday! There are so many threads to the impeachment story, so I’m quite glad that NPR’s Up First podcast put together a nice, logical, timeline of the events that led up to now. Or at least til Nov 2, when it posted. As the NPR Politics Podcast always reminds us, “Things may have changed by the time you hear…

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  • Science

    Is Mercury in Retrograde AGAIN?!

    Computer giving you trouble? Must be Mercury in retrograde. Or at least that’s what SO many people say, jokingly or otherwise, when some piece of technology is going haywire. How did this bit of astrology make its way into our modern technological discussions?

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  • Mercury Poisoning from Sushi?

    Making headlines near you now! Celebrity actor gets mercury poisoning from eating too much raw fish! Except that seems rather silly, because (as an example), the actor in question, Jeremy Piven, “would have to eat about 108 pieces of tuna sushi every week for his entire lifetime to reach dangerous metal levels.” That’s according to a restaurant blog which calculated the…

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