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    Fact Check: Uncensured Lies on the Senate Floor

    I masochistically watched nearly every hour of the Senate impeachment trial*, and I can say unequivocally that Trump’s lawyers’ defenses were blatant lies. This is not surprising, of course, but these lies are vastly more dangerous when they are repeated without censure on the Senate floor. Millions of Americans who watched all or part of the trial* would have a…

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    Senate GOP Votes to Decimate Congressional Oversight

    Even the least jaded among us are probably not surprised by the Senate GOP’s decision not to try the impeachment of Donald Trump by voting against documents and witnesses. Republicans have always had an abusive relationship with the US Constitution, professing love for it while chipping away at its protections (voter suppression efforts, attacks on the press and the first…

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    Quickies: Homophobic Hallmark and Boomers’ Heightened Narcissism

    Shot: Things We Saw Today: Hallmark Caves to Homophobes, the Mary Sue: “The campaign was spearheaded by One Million Karens who would like to speak to the manager Moms, which started a petition demanding that Hallmark not only remove the ads but cave to their demand not to create any sort of LGBT content. Their reasoning? ‘Such content goes against…

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    Public Opinion is Changing with 70% of Americans Believing Trump’s Actions Were Wrong

    I hate polls. I feel like they are inherently biased based on who is presenting them. That being said, polling data is extremely important in the land of politics – more so now than ever. Decisions by leaders are based on polls, money flow is based on polls and whether or not Trump should pack his orange suitcase and GTFO…

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  • ActivismPeach Mint Pie Fresh from the oven!

    Easy (im) Peach Mint Pie

    We are currently in the midst of impeachment hearings in House. We are hearing a lot of evidence from respected public servants that point out how Donald Trump attempted to bribe and extort the leader of the Ukraine (for Trump’s personal gain.) The evidence is damning. Seriously, it is. There has been no evidence at all exonerating the president, as…

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    Quickies: Catch up on impeachment, or just a good book…

    It’s Friday! There are so many threads to the impeachment story, so I’m quite glad that NPR’s Up First podcast put together a nice, logical, timeline of the events that led up to now. Or at least til Nov 2, when it posted. As the NPR Politics Podcast always reminds us, “Things may have changed by the time you hear…

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    Quickies: Writing, Teachers, Superheroes, and Glorious Impeachment…

    Spooky season is over as we head straight into November today. Anyone geared up for NaNoWriMo? Personally, I’m taking on on #AcWriMo with the goal of getting a paper draft done this month. While also running the senior thesis writing seminar! So, with a wordy month ahead, I might be a little less wordy on here. Here are some of…

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    New York Times Pretends Trump Supporters Are Swing Voters

    In the midst of my OCD-fueled frenzy of clicking refresh on Twitter to get more impeachment news, I came across a remarkable Twitter thread that deserves more eyeballs from Americans, in part because the New York Times seems to be busily falling back into fraudulent “both sides” reporting surrounding Trump and his associates’ attempts to extort Ukraine into fabricating dirt…

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