Quickies: Writing, Teachers, Superheroes, and Glorious Impeachment…

... and some animals that we love

Spooky season is over as we head straight into November today. Anyone geared up for NaNoWriMo? Personally, I’m taking on on #AcWriMo with the goal of getting a paper draft done this month. While also running the senior thesis writing seminar! So, with a wordy month ahead, I might be a little less wordy on here. Here are some of the stories you might have missed amid this week’s big headlines…

  • Why I Quit Teaching – As someone who is working very hard on teacher recruitment in STEM, I’m certainly disheartened to read this personal story of a teacher who was done with the profession by age 30.
  • Pictures of Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy in their superhero garb for a new TV show are released, and I’m already in love. I don’t even know what it’s about. (No, that’s not an invitation to explain it to me.)
  • I said I wasn’t going to talk about the big stories. But I can’t help it. The House of Representatives formalized the impeachment inquiry with a vote that fell, predictably, along party lines. For the record, I shouted at the radio like I was listening to a sports game during the live coverage… is that weird? Whatever, #LockHimUp
  • This transitions to the “cute animal” portion, but I couldn’t help laughing and cringing when a scientific study went broke when the trackers on their eagles racked up roaming charges. I do hope their crowdfunding can make up the difference!

Okay, let’s continue with our amazing animals for Cute Animal Friday…

  • Did you see this video of a horse going back for their buddies during a wildfire? Stay safe, California friends.
  • The Bronx Zoo holds an “extinct animal graveyard” every year around Halloween. Here’s a story from 2013 via Muscadine. Sobering…
  • And the featured cute animal is a doggo that I regularly see at my gym. She’s SO CUTE! She looks kind of like a little wolf.

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