• QuickiesA goat amusingly chomping on a piece of bread

    Quickies: Helping each other, understanding data, and empathy…

    Hello, friends! This weekend I finished the Impossible Semester, so I look forward to putting the Cute Animal Fridays BACK on actual Fridays. For now, here are some good reads from the week. As we struggle through *WAVES ARMS* all this, CNN has a list of places where you can give or get help with charitable organizations. Via Muscadine I…

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  • Quickiesa brown dog and a black dog sitting on a cushion, looking up at the camera

    Quickies: Some “stay at home” survival resources

    We’re in a whole new world… here in the US specifically in the last two weeks since my last post. One would think I’d have plenty of time to write now, right? Not so much… first off, taking your well-planned (or not) in-person course and making it remote is NOT trivial. Second, my anxiety brain is 100% in overdrive. Maybe you…

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  • Activism

    Ask Surly Amy: How To Help Fight Sexism On The Internet

    It’s been a while and things have been wild but I’m bringing back my Ask Surly Amy series because I have opinions and advice and I can not contain these feelings any longer. Besides, we get a shit-ton of emails sent in that ask us all kinds of random stuff and Rebecca just files them in the virtual round filing…

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  • Guest Bloggers

    Guest Post: Blog Against “Disablism” Day by Sarah Moglia

    Our second guest blog today is from my friend and personal hero, Sarah Moglia, talking about invisible disability and how not to be a huge jerk friend to your newly disabled friends. ——— Disability. It’s one of those big, scary words that you think you know the meaning to. It’s one of those things that happens to other people, but…

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