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    The Other Sit-In

    Last night, people around the US were captivated by what was happening on C-SPAN. I never thought that’s a sentence I’d say. C-SPAN wasn’t running programming as normal, however. It was broadcasting the live social media feeds of several Congresspeople, led by Representative John Lewis, who were holding a sit-in on the House floor to try and force a vote…

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  • Meta Stuff

    Sundaylies with the Flame Test, Operation Pi, “Poised and Articulate” Teachers, and Owning Guns while Parenting

    Sunday Funny: Full-Spectrum Bulbs (via Tree Lobsters) Teen Skepchick How Things Don’t Work: Dancing for a Cause Edition Elizabeth learns the difference between promoting a cause and promoting yourself. Mad Art Lab Mad Art Cast with Elmo, Kristen Bell and Vaccines! What do Elmo, the Surgeon General, and Kristen Bell have in common? What The Heck is a Flame Test?…

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