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Sundaylies with the Flame Test, Operation Pi, “Poised and Articulate” Teachers, and Owning Guns while Parenting

Sunday Funny: Full-Spectrum Bulbs (via Tree Lobsters)

Teen Skepchick

How Things Don’t Work: Dancing for a Cause Edition
Elizabeth learns the difference between promoting a cause and promoting yourself.

Mad Art Lab

Mad Art Cast with Elmo, Kristen Bell and Vaccines!
What do Elmo, the Surgeon General, and Kristen Bell have in common?

What The Heck is a Flame Test?
Amy has Dr. Ray Burks explain the flame test.


The Pill Scandal! (en español)
Daniela tells the story of how homeopath producers in Sweden in the 1950s admitted their product was useless.


British General Election: The Results Are In!
Olive talks about the recent elections in the UK.

Operation Pi: Notes on the Bisexual Agenda Vote
K.C. summarizes the results of a recent poll conducted on Queereka.

Sorting Out the Confusion: A Bisexual Q&A
K.C. shares some reader answers to questions from the recent Bisexual Agenda poll.

School of Doubt

Teachers Should Be “Poised and Articulate”
J.D. Fisher thinks cultural scripts surrounding teachers emphasize character to the exclusion of technical expertise.

It Wasn’t the Best Response Ever
Jay takes down that viral letter from the dad who took his kids out of school to go on a trip.

Going Up Against the Good News Club: An Interview with Dan Courtney
Corrina interviews Dan Courtney, President Emeritus of the Freethinkers of Upstate New York and an active member of a number of Freethought and church/state separation groups.

Grounded Parents

Kids + Guns
JG is a parent who owns guns and she has a lot of thoughts about gun ownership, safety, and children

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