• Quickiespicture of two birds, Sri Lankan frogmouths, which live up to their name!

    Friday Quickies: Racism in science, COVID in the US, Pride fitness, and Cute Animal Friday

    Happy weekend, all. This’ll be the first Friday Quickies in a while without a theme. My brain is set to random… Systemic racism is a huge issue in science. So, here’s what Black scientists want from colleagues and their institutions. U.S. sets daily record for new COVID-19 cases, so, “Mission Accomplished,” right? As a resident of one of the few…

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  • Helping Skepchicamp – Better Than New Years Eve!

    Tonight you’re not doing anything. It’s New Years Eve. It’s expensive. It’s cold outside. And it’s not even worth it to drive to the hospital if you’ve been bitten by a rabid primate because you’re probably just going to get killed by a drunk driver on your way there. Stay home. Save your money; save your life; save the cheerleader;…

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