• QuickiesGroup of galaxies known as the Markarian Chain

    Inauguration and Vaccine Quickies

    Happy Inauguration Week, US friends! I hope you took a little time to take a breath before getting right back to work. Amanda Gorman. Amanda. Gorman. I didn’t know the inauguration could be “won” but she won it. Like many others, I greatly enjoyed the fashion choices, particularly Dr. Biden’s sparkly blue coat that is from a clothing line named…

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  • ActivismPhoto of two shirts with a "license plate" anti-ALPR design from Adversarial Fashion

    Mansplain Monday: When Men Explain Things To You By Citing You

    Mansplain Mondays are back! You might remember it as the feature that became especially meta when men began responding to the existence of our Mansplain Monday posts by mansplaining the concept of “mansplaining.” For our new Mansplain Mondays we will be featuring an especially funny example of mansplaining that we’ve come across that week, because if we can’t stop men…

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  • Quickiescute black dog

    Quickies: Reproductive rights, reproducibility in science, and Pokemon on the brain…

    Happy Friday, all! I’m continuing with our “pets of Skepchick” theme for Cute Animal Friday featured photos. This week, meet Fenrir The Black! Fenrir is a classy gent who loves his momma, Maria. I don’t know about you, but this is a very special Friday for me. Grades are due at noon tomorrow, so this is the very last full…

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  • FeminismTerry Richardson & Dov Charney

    Bad Chart Thursday: Exposing Dov Charney & Terry Richardson

    I had never thought much of Terry Richardson or Dov Charney, but all the information I’d heard about “them”, until very recently, somehow ended up in the same mental box, as it were. I instinctively¬†thought they were the same person until the so-called “News Media”‘s propaganda machine told me that one is a photographer and one is the head of¬†American…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: November 24 – November 30 on the Skepchick Network

    Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 75: Physics and Biology! Living Together! In Space! Mindy explores what apparent weightlessness is and what happens to the human body in sustained weightlessness. Suspension of Disbelief: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire Olivia reviews the second installment of the Hungar Games franchise. Mad Art Lab Sagan Day 2013 Repost – We All Live on…

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  • Feminism

    The Great Face-Paint Debate

    Recently, the Internet (especially its feminist and feminist-flavored corners) has exploded over the topic of makeup. For many, the personal became political and vice versa. The aspect of the debate that seemed to have been missed by many in both the pro- and anti- makeup crowds is the variation in perceived cultural pressure regarding feminine conformity, including makeup. In other…

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  • My Future Wedding Dress

    Everyone just calm down — as far as I know, I’m not getting hitched anytime soon. Though I’m not the type to daydream about a long-distant fairytale wedding, I have to admit that I did find a dress that provoked certain . . . stereotypically girly thoughts. My very talented friend John, who edited Curiosity Aroused and hosted the live…

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