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    hairless baby echidna in someone's hand

    Quickies: Catch up on impeachment, or just a good book…

    It’s Friday! There are so many threads to the impeachment story, so I’m quite glad that NPR’s Up First podcast put together a nice, logical, timeline of the events that led up to now. Or at least til Nov 2, when it posted. As the NPR Politics Podcast always reminds us, “Things may have changed by the time you hear…

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  • Meta Stuff

    ICYMI: July 7 – July 13 on the Skepchick Network

    Hello! I’m so excited to see you! I really, really want to share all these awesome posts from the Skepchick Network. Read them, won’t you? Teen Skepchick Suspension of Disbelief: Once Upon a Time Season 2 Olivia reviews season 2 of the ABC fantasy series. Speak Your Mind: App Crazy Mindy just got an iPad, and she’s lost. What are…

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  • Afternoon Inquisition

    AI: If I Could Have A Super Power

    I am not going to even try and pretend that I am not completely brain dead today. I just got back from Dragon*Con in Atlanta and it was AWESOME! It was seriously the most fun I have had at a convention. Ever. I am now a mushy pile of exhaustion and happy and so today’s AI is going to be…

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