Deepak Chopra

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    Science Proves Some People Are Immune to Deepak Chopra’s Bullshit

    I came across a study this week from the University of Waterloo with a title that is clearly in the running for Best Study Title Ever: “On the Reception and Detection of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit,” by Pennycook, Cheyne, Barre, Koehler and Fugelsang. This creatively-named study looked at individuals’ receptiveness to vague, buzzwordy bullshit statements such as those from Deepak Chopra’s twitter…

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  • Supernatural Sex

    Did you know that wet dreams, morning erections and arousal itself are caused by ghosts? Forget what biology tells us, or what you learnt in the schoolyard; Dr Narek Helms will re-educate you in his peer-reviewed Supernatural Sex. However, the dashing Dr Narek Helms is actually me. Yes, I submitted a patently ridiculous article to the believer site Haunted America…

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