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    goose with beak open, looking angry

    Quickies: A controversial moment, a vicious proposal, a ridiculous claim, and a potty mouth

    Welcome to your Friday Quickies! Brandt Jean’s Act Of Grace Toward His Brother’s Killer Sparks A Debate Over Forgiving – NPR does a pretty good job of capturing a wide array of voices, specifically black voices, commenting on this controversial moment. You all heard how the Trump administration actually considered a gorram alligator-filled moat for a border wall, right? The…

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  • Activism


    Things are scary in the USA right now and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the constant barrage of executive orders and new laws soon to be affecting human rights and health particularly for women, but a few good activists have told me to pick just a few topics and focus on them so I don’t get overwhelmed. I’m going…

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  • Politics

    Progress Isn’t Settling: Trump’s Rise Threatens to Make Moderate the New Progressive

    “I like Sanders’ ideas better, but I voted for Hillary. It’s just the more pragmatic decision. The idea of a Sanders presidency is unrealistic,” a friend remarked to me, a few short hours before Clinton’s now-infamous Nancy Reagan comments. Their reasoning frustrated me, even though it’s a refrain I’ve heard a lot this election season. Usually it comes from progressives who like…

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