Quickies: Activism and #BlackBirdersWeek

I honestly don’t know where to begin after a week like this in the United States. Or should I say, yet ANOTHER week like this, because, in a lot of ways, we’ve been here before. Last week, I posted a short list of actions and ways to learn about racial justice. That got expanded into a Google doc because making lists calms my anxiety-disorder brain. Perhaps looking at an orderly list helps you, too? If so, feel free to borrow mine.

What’s most important right now? Listening to Black voices and following the lead of the Black organizers. You can start with this constantly updated list of direct actions that you can take compiled by Carlisa Johnson. Going forward, consider adding sites like Colorlines or The Root to your news sources.

As an educator, I was especially delighted to see that a scaffolded list of anti-racist resources for white people has been made. This means you can start from the basics and work your way up, depending on what level of learning you are at, or rather, where you are in your anti-racist journey, which, by the way, is not neatly linear.

I’m going to leave with that today. For your Cute Animal Friday, I suggest you go check out #BlackBirdersWeek, a celebration of Black outdoor enthusiasts exploring the natural world. They don’t JUST take pictures with birds! But yes, there are a lot of awesome birds.


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