• KESQ Reporter Exposes Scientology

    I often criticize journalists for lack of skepticism, so I like to balance it a bit with kudos for those who deserve it. A helpful tipster sent me word that Nathan Baca of KESQ in Palm Springs is doing a 5-part series looking into a prison-like center where Scientologist security guards tackled an Anonymous protester, ground his face into the…

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  • Science & Scientology

    This is a total plug for my buddy Matt. He’s a sweet, smart, funny fellow who recently decided to follow his dream to open his own science store in his hometown of Philly. Spectrum Scientifics now has an online store as well, so I’m going to encourage you all to bookmark it and give him some love the next time…

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  • Anonymous vs. Scientology: Your Skepchick on the Scene in Boston

    Today in Boston a few hundred masked protesters gathered to tell people about Scientology’s Disconnection Policy. They started on Beacon Street in front of Scientology’s Boston headquarters, then marched up Newbury Street, through the Public Garden, and on to Boston Common. There, they gathered around the gazebo to hear two ex-Scientologists tell their stories of escaping a cult. Whether you…

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  • Anonymous Protests Scientology Tomorrow

    Tomorrow (Saturday, April 12), those spunky kids from the group Anonymous are protesting the “Church” of Scientology and their Disconnection Policy, where Scientologists are asked to sever all ties with their family and friends who aren’t in Scientology. Want to know more? Check out, or go ask Anon yourself at a protest near you. If you attend a protest,…

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  • Anonymous vs. Scientology

    This past Saturday, March 15, thousands of people around the world gathered under the name “Anonymous” in front of their local Scientology centers to protest the organization’s tax-exempt status as well as their tactic of using strong-arm tactics to silence critics. It’s those strong-arm tactics that forced the vast majority of protesters to don masks lest they become “Fair Game,”…

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