The Coolest Woman I Have Ever Met…

Today I had a meeting with a woman who is, in all seriousness, the coolest woman I have ever met. I feel the need to convey her coolness to you in this post because it is a mitzvah to share this level of coolness with others.

A story about the coolest woman I’ve ever met…(Source)

We met each other through another woman who is also highly cool and decided to collaborate around a project. We’ve been talking, did Material Transfer Agreements and Confidential Disclosure Agreements, and submitted a protocol for review to my university to do the work. Now, we’re at the cool part of the project. We’re talking experimental design. This is the part that makes me the most excited. The promise of new data. We’re spit-balling ideas and brainstorming. We’re talking sample size and what type of desiccant to use. Super rad. But, all the while, her children are up to absolutely no good in the background. It is simultaneously the most intellectually stimulating and hysterical conversation I have ever had.

Then, unceremoniously, she turns the camera off. No explanation. Boom. Just an avatar and silence.

She was gone for long enough that I strongly suspected that those children were receiving a talking to. Mom had had enough. But I also got this sense of feeling through her blank, silent avatar that she was saying something along the lines of,

“Listen. We’re going to get through this. We are going to survive and it is going to be ok if today you can just get your shit together. Just keep it together just a little longer and let me finish this fucking Zoom.”

Somehow I just needed to hear that today. I’m going to go back to work someday and we’re going to be able to see things beyond our two square mile radius again someday.

I’m just not exactly sure when.

And that makes this feel like forever.

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