Thoughts on The Queen’s Gambit

I mean, I get it. I really do. It’s a story of female exceptionalism and we all need to feel exceptional when faced with the power of the patriarchy.


I cannot watch another episode of this goddamned show right now.

Bambi, Dumbo, Little House on the Prairie, Fullmetal Alchemist…

I am tired of dead mothers.

Can’t we just have a movie or mini-series or TV show where the kid has such an incredible mother that they go on to be even more incredible?

Seriously. I get it. My mother died when I was still a teenager, but does excellence require a dead mother? There is no mother that has ever loved their children as much as I love mine. I grew up in a weird, messed up, drug-addled home. I fought and clawed so that my kids would have a better life. I get it.

A dead mother leaves an indelible mark.

But, also, so many moms are struggling right now. We’re trying to be working moms and stay-at-home-moms. And we’re still here. Every day we are a source of love. Spending so much of our day doing dishes and laundry and home schooling….

Moms aren’t better when they’re gone. They’re better when they’re here.

We could use a show where the mom is so incredible, and so loving, that her kids grow up to just be healthy, well-adjusted, happy members of society.

Especially now.

Isis the Scientist

Professor, physiologist, mother of the iKids, stepmom to the Strange Tots, Strange’s wife, Iowan, bikes, shoes, debt-free zealot, post-stomach. Old crone of a blogger who just never learns. Not even close to affiliated with my employer.

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