Quickies: Trump’s Tax Returns, a Pizza Funeral, and Tilapia Skin for Burns

  • Minority Advocacy Groups Feel Left Out Of National Efforts, Funding – ” ‘If you live in a family that has never had to ask the question of who is going to take care of my kids if I’m deported, you won’t naturally think of the fact that you need a community-based organization or institution like a church or school to provide the information that isn’t necessarily a legal consultation but supports people facing continuous anxiety and fear during these times,’ Raghuveer said.”
  • Donald Trump’s tax plan would’ve nearly wiped out his 2005 tax burden – “Trump, like most Republicans, wants to eliminate the AMT altogether. The tax tends to hit rich, but not uber-rich, people hard (think families making around $400,000 a year), and that’s a constituency the GOP cultivates assiduously. But Trump is an unusual uber-rich person, with a huge AMT liability. This proposal would have given him, personally, $31.3 million in 2005 alone.”
  • The Massive Pizza Funeral That Never Had to Happen – “On March 5, 1973, a couple dozen people headed out to a farm in Ossineke, Michigan, to witness an unusual event: the burial of an estimated 30,000 frozen, family-size mushroom pizzas. The mood was somber, and a little cheesy.”
  • A Blind Theatergoer’s ‘Hamilton’ Lawsuit Aims Spotlight On Broadway Accessibility – “Mark Lasser of Denver, who is blind, wanted to take his wife to the show and get audio description services to help him enjoy a performance. That means he hoped to get a headset and hear the stage action being described in real time, during the show. But he discovered that Hamilton doesn’t offer this particular service. ‘I think what this suit brings to light is that you have a hidden population out there that is not gaining the full access to Broadway,’ says attorney Scott Dinin, who is representing Lasser in the class-action suit against the show’s producers and theater owner.”
  • Adam Savage knows why there aren’t many realistic space deaths on film – “The realities, he suggests, are far creepier than most movies have even thought to show. Boiling eyeballs, anyone?”
  • Can tilapia skin be used to bandage burns? – “Given the substantial supply of donated human skin, tilapia skin is unlikely to arrive at American hospitals anytime soon. But it may be a boon in developing countries.”

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Mary Brock works as an Immunology scientist by day and takes care of a pink-loving princess child by night. She likes cloudy days, crafting, cooking, and Fall weather in New England.

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  1. Mary,

    That “pizza funeral” has to be one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever read about. I can understand them needing be disposed of, if they were tainted with botulism, but it hardly sounds like something that people would normally be very dramatic about. Its not like they were burying a person or even someone’s pet.

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