Trump’s Chief Strategist is a White Nationalist

Today, President-Elect Donald Trump made two notable staff choices. The first, at a glance, appears fairly normal: Reince Preibus is taking the Chief of Staff position. The second choice is Steven Bannon, Breitbart Executive Chairman, who has been appointed Chief Strategist. Let’s talk about him first.

Trump & Bannon have a great deal in common, making Trump’s choice unsurprising:

We expect Donald Trump to surround himself with people like Bannon. The appointment of Bannon is yet another opportunity to tell those demanding we give Trump a chance that he doesn’t deserve one. If the above doesn’t convince you, here are just a few more of the headlines published on Breitbart, Bannon’s propaganda site:

Preibus, on the other hand, is the current RNC Chair, and seems like a somewhat more conciliatory choice. A nod to establishment conservativism perhaps, or a sign that Trump is going to take a more measured tone in office. Do not be fooled.

Like all of the Republicans who denounced Trump but have now called to congratulate him or wished him success in the presidency, Preibus aligning himself with Trump is not a sign of party healing. Quite the opposite, it is a sign that traditional Republicans have lost – they must now concede to Trump & the alt-right.

The good news, such as it is, is that the biggest difference between traditional Republicans and unabashed white nationalists like Bannon, is the openness with which they show their racist asses. We’ve fought them before and will continue to do so.

Don’t let the Bannons of the world immobilize you with fear. It’s ok to be sad and angry, but channel that emotion into the immense amount of work that needs to be done. Take that anger to the streets. If you’re white then use that sadness to educate other white people. Scream, work, write, and fight like your life depends on it – because it actually does.

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Courtney Caldwell

Courtney Caldwell is an intersectional feminist. Her talents include sweary rants, and clogging your social media with pictures of her dogs (and occasionally her begrudging cat). She's also a political nerd, whose far-left tendencies are a little out of place in the deep red Texas.

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  1. If I wanted to be really generous, I’d say to those who said to give Trump a chance that he just blew his chance. Bringing white supremacy into his inner circle clearly demonstrates that the rhetoric he used while campaigning wasn’t empty words.

    1. But it’s always been there, lurking just beneath the surface.

      What I find interesting is how many people thought white yuppies would be so accepting and I’m like “Really? Have you read any alt right blogs? They’re all white, suburban, making six figures, huge Ayn Rand fans.”

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