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    Bannon and the National Security Council’s Secret “Kill List”

    While the United States and the world was in an uproar over Donald Trump’s executive order (EO) on immigration that even conservative sources view as unconstitutional and illegal, Trump reorganized the National Security Council (NSC), adding his chief strategist Steven Bannon and decreasing the participation and status of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, currently General Joseph Dunford,…

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    Trump’s Chief Strategist is a White Nationalist

    Today, President-Elect Donald Trump made two notable staff choices. The first, at a glance, appears fairly normal: Reince Preibus is taking the Chief of Staff position. The second choice is Steven Bannon, Breitbart Executive Chairman, who has been appointed Chief Strategist. Let’s talk about him first. Trump & Bannon have a great deal in common, making Trump’s choice unsurprising: Like…

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