See Me Co-Host Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to hang out with my pals Adam Savage and Norm Chan for an episode of their podcast, Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project! We hung out in Adam’s cave and talked about David Bowie (RIP), Jessica Jones, and one of the funniest pilot TV episodes we’ve seen (read live on stage) (by John Hodgman).

As you might imagine, there are a lot of clueless anti-feminists who are quite angry about all this over on YouTube. Please make them angrier by watching/listening, liking, and subscribing either on YouTube or on Tested or on iTunes!

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. Cool, I was wondering what my bedtime podcast listening was going to be. Still Untitled is always the best length. :)

    I have to admit, I’m wondering what it was that you said or did that has shown you to be “hateful, dishonest and damaging by inciting divisiveness.” Surely it must be something worse than “don’t do that”? Oh no… oh no no no… you didn’t say that sexism is a tedious and irrational thing again, did you? You maniac! You blew it up!

  2. I love how those commenters claim to have been fans of Adam Savage for *years* and yet weren’t aware that he’s a loud and proud feminist and that you two are friends.

    There is no way they can be fans of his and not know that. He’s not exactly quiet about it.

  3. Just got done reading the comments.

    Woof, they really don’t know how to let shit go do they?

    Anyway, I straightened a few out on their incorrect timelines but I don’t think I can do much more ’cause, yuck.

  4. Hey Rebecca, I hope this is one of many co-hosting gigs. Still Untitled has been on my podcast feed for quite a while now and I was really thrilled when Adam announced you in the intro! After listening to it, it made me realize how much I miss hearing you on a regular multi-host podcast. I’ve enjoyed all your solo content, but for me, you seem to shine the brightest when you’re interacting with others.

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