Jaclyn Glenn Caught Plagiarizing Again

Previously, I revealed that atheist, anti-feminist vlogger Jaclyn Glenn has to plagiarize YouTube comments in order to string a simple thought together. I then went back to blissfully forgetting that Glenn exists, but she apparently has continued making videos for people with extremely low standards. Last week on Twitter, someone let me know that she had once again been caught plagiarizing, but in this case it was an entire YouTube video from another atheist vlogger.

I couldn’t report on it because Glenn apparently took her video down after people noticed the plagiarism, claiming that the video just wasn’t very good. Having not seen it, I couldn’t really comment.

Well, thanks to the Purdue Non-Theists, everyone can see Glenn’s original video side-by-side with the video posted four days earlier by vlogger Theoretical Bullshit. Check it out above or read the transcript I cobbled together below and decide for yourself if Glenn is worth the continued admiration of American Atheists and Richard Dawkins. As you can see, the primary difference is that Glenn’s version is less thoughtful and includes the word “bitch.” Edgy. At least the good news is that by copying someone smarter than her, Glenn accidentally admitted that “privilege” is a thing.

TB: OK, 60 sec of background in case you’ve been living under a rock

JG: So background information in case you’ve been living under a rock

TB: Let me try and paint a picture for you. So kim davis goes to the DMV but the office manager won’t authorize the renewal of her driver’s license because he’s a Muslim and can’t in good conscious approve of a woman driving.

JG: What if she decided to get a driver’s license and she went to the DMV and the person working there happened to be a Muslim?

TB: Kim Davis knows a thing or two about the sanctity of marriage because she’s on her 4th one, not to mention the fact that she made babies with the man who would become husband number 3 while she was still married to husband number 1 but that’s not the point, it’s not the point.

JG: Kim Davis has been married 4 times. She got pregnant with the baby from husband number 3 while somehow she was still married to husband number 1. I’ll let you guys figure that out.

TB: In the meantime this woman has sort of become the poster girl for so called christian persecution in the United States

JG: She’s become the poster child for christian marriage

TB: Suppose someone with similarly pressing religious concerns had been elected county clerk at the time that Kim Davis was applying for her 2nd marriage license. Now suppose this person considered himself a Christian and took Jesus very seriously when he said in Matthew 19 that anyone who gets divorced and remarries has committed adultery.

JG: You know in Matthew 19 Jesus said that anyone who gets married and divorced is essentially committing adultery so I’d like to ask you Mike Huckabee, how would you react if Kim Davis went to the county clerk maybe on her 3rd or 4th time getting a marriage license and they said ‘nope sorry it’s against my deeply held religious beliefs. I believe that you’re committing adultery because of what Jesus said in Matthew so I just can’t give you this marriage license.’

TB: I mean what would she do? Just throw her hands in the air and go ‘well I don’t wanna violate this fella’s freedom of conscious so i’ll just make my way to the next county over and get a license there’? Or, would she feel victimized? Discriminated against? Dare I say, persecuted?

JG: Really, you wouldn’t care so you think Kim Davis wouldn’t care either and she would just walk down on to the next county because someone refused to give her her license where she lived? I don’t think that would happen. I thinks she would feel oppressed.

TB: This is exactly the kind of question that Mika Brzezinski recently posed to Mike Huckabee on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

JG: Fortunately for me I don’t have to ask you that question because you were asked the very same thing on MSNBC and played totally dumb.

TB: Huckabee appears to represent a not so trivial percentage of americans who are fundamentally confused about which conversation is even being had at the moment: whether or not same sex couples have a constitutionally protected right to marriage is what we were talking about back in June before the Supreme Court made their decision. It’s not what we’re talking about anymore.

JG: I think people are a little confused. June. That’s when the conversation was about marriage equality. That’s not what we’re talking about anymore.

TB: The controversy is about whether the freedom to practice one’s religion entitles someone in Kim Davis’s position to violate the constitutional rights of those she took an oath to serve and the answer, legally, is a big fat no.

JG: Now we’re talking about whether or not someone’s personal religious beliefs can be forced onto other people. That’s the conversation we’re having and the answer is a resounding no.

TB: Kim Davis has absolutely no interest in equality. She enjoys the same rights as anybody else. What she’s being denied is privilege. She wants her religious beliefs to take precedence over any rights or laws or other religious beliefs that might conflict with them. Well, she doesn’t get to have that. And neither does anybody else.

JG: These people don’t want equality. They want privilege. Kim Davis isn’t losing any rights. She’s got the same rights as everyone else but she is losing the privilege. She wants her Christian faith to be more important than the religious beliefs of other people. She wants her Christian faith to be more important than the rights of other people. She wants to be above the law. You know what, sorry bitch, you don’t get to have that.

Rebecca Watson

Rebecca is a writer, speaker, YouTube personality, and unrepentant science nerd. In addition to founding and continuing to run Skepchick, she hosts Quiz-o-Tron, a monthly science-themed quiz show and podcast that pits comedians against nerds. There is an asteroid named in her honor. Twitter @rebeccawatson Mastodon Instagram @actuallyrebeccawatson TikTok @actuallyrebeccawatson YouTube @rebeccawatson BlueSky

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  1. That’s amazing. It looks like a joke. How could a person think it’s okay to do that in what’s commonly referred to as “the information age”?

  2. That’s why I don’t watch Jaclyn’s videos anymore. Even when she’s not plagiarizing, she’s not saying anything different from every other atheist blogger/vlogger. Gimme some originality, for shit’s sake!

  3. Too bad American Atheists doesn’t know any non-plagiarizing anti-feminist vloggers to promote. Still glad I quit them.

  4. Umm… I made almost the exact same argument and I never watched either video…

    I say give her a pass… just how many combinations are there of the exact same argument?

    She is commenting on a News Story; it’s not like it was supposed to be a complete fiction from someone’s mind.

    Are we also going to claim plagerism everytime two news channels report on the same story?

    1. You’re kidding, right?

      She just didn’t report on the same story, she did it with nearly identical verbiage. Plus she’s done it before.

      No way she deserves a pass.

      1. The only identical verbiage was in the first statement…

        I don’t know anything about her, but she seems to be a known plagiarist round these parts.

        however the only identical verbiage was in the first statement…To call the rest of it plagiarism seems to be a real reach…this has been one of the most reported and commented-on stories in the past month…rarely do i see particularly new or revealing arguments presented…

        Like I say, I don’t know anything about her or her past missteps, but calling THIS piece plagiarism seems to be a pretty big stretch…

        1. Ashley, Please watch this:
          Glenn not only copies exact wording on numerous occasions, she also copies Theoretical Bullshit’s mannerisms several times. THIS is plagiarism. And Glenn blatantly lied about the reason she took down the video in which she had been caught plagiarizing.

          I noticed Glenn *still* does the mistaking a mocking sneer for astute insightful (original) commentary, that she’s done since the first video I’ve seen her copy, i mean make. Not surprising that Richard Dawkins and American Atheists are impressed by her juvenile technique.

        2. You don’t have to copy something word-for-word to plagiarize, plagiarism can also be just copying someone’s thoughts. That’s exactly what Jaclyn did here: she saw TBS’s video and paraphrased through it, mainly in worse and more incoherent wording than that of TBS’s. She has also been busted on many verbatim cases too, like stealing the comments of her own fans or other people’s tweets, word-for-word. She has also copied Matt Dillahunty, Scott Lemieux and many others verbatim. Just type “Jaclyn Glenn plagiarism” in Youtube and see all the videos yourself.

          I think the worst part is how she’s handling this, or actually not handling it. On Drunken Peasants she sort of apologized in a half-assed way, but adamantly denied when being asked if she has plagiarized before. She’s clearly sorry for just getting caught, because she keeps lying. She’s a bad face for atheism and an embarrassment. What a hypocrite to criticize christians for their intellectual laziness while pulling this crap herself!

  5. I replied to a comment on Friendly Atheist’s facebook page about this, but want to capture it here too because I’m afraid it is too buried.

    In Jaclyn’s October 1, 2013 video about the government shutdown:
    she twice used comments from an earlier post:
    without giving credit.

    Compare Dorothy Freeman’s comment:
    “Obamacare is law…it was passed by both the Senate and the House of was signed into law by the President…upheld by the Supreme court…and re-affirmed by the 2012 Presidential election….If the Tparty wants to advance their agenda…they need to WIN National Elections….the House Representatives…are elected from ‘districts’ many which are gerrymandered and certainly a House Representative.. does not speak for the majority of American Voters…they only speak for voters in their districts…It appears that a ‘small faction’ of one political party… is being allowed to use ‘extortion/hostage taking’ in an effort to put an end to democracy in America…..And many Americans are supporting this effort…without fully understanding the long term effects of such actions. Actions which will forever replace the democratic political system of this country.”

    to what Jaclyn says at 4:10, and

    Hidai Moya’s comment:
    “It’s not that we have political differences, or that we disagree on certain issues, its that the Republican Party continues to evolve evermore into a depth of apathy, ignorance, irresponsibility, carelessness, and willful degradation of the quality of life of Human Beings in America. It’s not even about politics so much as it is about the protection of Human Rights that the GOP continues to battle at every turn.”

    to what Jaclyn says at 4:57.

    Note that Hidai Moya discovered her comment was used and posted it to Friendly Atheist’s comments first, I just went and found her original commend and then found that there was a second comment that was used.

  6. “It was just really stupid and I am embarrassed and of course I deserve to be and I deserve everything that’s coming my way and it’s not OK.” Jaclyn Glenn responding to plagiarism allegations.

    Why would anyone try to suggest it’s an accident? She’s admitted herself that it was plagiarism.

    I will link the source, but if you watch it, you want to go right to 1:34:00 – and you have to listen to Drunken Peasants for a bit. sorry..

    1. She’s not sorry she plagiarized, she’s sorry she got caught. I could at least show her a little respect if she owned up to her actions and apologized her subscribers and patrons who are basically paying her bills. When she was asked if she has done this before, she said “no”, like it was a completely unthinkable option. Then the floodgates opened and half a dozen earlier plagiarisms were revealed. Now she’s not responding in any way. Her latest video is just a stupid, dime-a-dozen parody of how stupid christians are, a generic reach for a low hanging fruit. Her subscribers and patrons (that are many) deserve better, and the atheist community deserves honest representers.

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