Annie Laurie Gaylor, Kicking Ass

Annie Laurie Gaylor is the co-president of Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an organization that Annie says came out of the feminist activism of her mother, Anne Nicol Gaylor. Yesterday I tweeted about Annie Laurie appearing on a Huffington Post show with Ron Lindsay and some blowhard who kept trying to talk over them. (HuffPo has a horrible layout and I can’t find the embed code. Click the large video to make the tiny video shut up.) Today, CFI posted Annie Laurie’s talk at the Women in Secularism Conference – The History of Women in Freethought. Enjoy!

Rebecca Watson

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  1. I can never meet her because I’m afraid I would act like such a ridiculous, blubbering fangirl. In another reality, I like to pretend we are best friends who have lunch all the time.

  2. Interesting talk. The HuffPo thingee was even more interesting… I presume by blowhard you’re referring to Frank the “pick your battles, songs are cultural…” guy. As always when she speaks, Annie Laurie is spot on. Forcing kids to attend school and then indoctrinating them with prayerful songs is a very big deal. It is clearly illegal and the bible thumpers understand exactly what they’re doing… get the kids to associate God belief with fun activities and later they will be more receptive to turning off their brains so they can be convinced that Evolution is the work of the Devil and should not be taught in schools… so the issue of brainwashing children is closely tied to all the church-state issues.

    The whole idea is to change the fucking culture, so Frank’s “it’s cultural” argument is playing into the hands of the bible thumpers. If “picking your battles” means letting the bible thumpers get away with breaking the law in this or other so-called “trivial” areas, they’re not going to say “all right then, we’ve got what we wanted…”. They’re going to be emboldened until we are back to the days of the puritans and dark ages theocracies where people can be murdered by clerics for the “crime” of not tipping your hat to a religious procession… and women can be murdered for the “crime” of being women. The cultural climate in pestilential hell-holes like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, etc… are clear examples of the results of faith based “culture”.

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