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Sunday AI: What makes you caper and prance?

Ca -per.  –verb (used without object) leap or skip about in a sprightly manner; prance; frisk; gambol.

Here in Michigan, and for most of the Northeast, it’s been a looooong winter. This is the first warm day that it’s been 70F, and I’ve opened all my windows and broken out the shorts.

I am so happy about the weather change I’m cleaning the garage and enjoying it.  I can hear the migratory diving ducks that have just returned calling on the lake near my house. Tree frogs and spring peepers are in full chorus.  The world is just awesome right now. *dances*

What makes you caper and prance about in glee?

What has rocked your world lately, and made you jump for joy?

Is my perkiness annoying you?


Bug_girl has a PhD in Entomology, and is a pointy-headed former academic living in Ohio. She is obsessed with insects, but otherwise perfectly normal. Really! If you want a daily stream of cool info about bugs, follow her Facebook page or find her on Twitter.

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  1. It makes me caper and prance to know that my mom shares my desire to save water. Go figure–when I was little, she’d have yelled at me for not flushing after I pee!

  2. I have too many sad things happening to be capering… but I did smile when I was out for a walk this afternoon and say the Canadian Geese were back on the beaver pond. Soon, a new generation… and the geese will not let me walk as close as they did today!

  3. I caper and prance about in glee when I listen to Santana…Jingo Bop. Go Jingoooooo, go bop! And when my dog does crazy loop de loops around the house, races around the coffee table and over the couch. I have been married for 29 years and my husband still rocks my world. Not to be pollyannaish….lots of really sucky stuff is happening with kids and old, old parents. I am lucky enough to be able to see the positive. It can be difficult, I know.

    However, @kittynh, I do love the little geese(goslings), but the German Shepard sized poops are a bit of a turn off!

  4. What makes me caper and prance is a script that requires me to caper and prance… most recently as the The Clown in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Not just a script, though; having an audience appreciate what you’ve done for them is enough to make a fella jump for joy. Try it sometime if you don’t believe me.

    My world has not been rocked in quite some time, I’m afraid :(

    No, perkiness is never annoying, there is not nearly enough perkiness in my life.

  5. The lovely spring weather makes me prance and caper. Seeing my rhubarb begin to pop out of the soil made me very happy. My little corner of the world is fan-frelling-tastic: lovely weather, great family, great friends, a job I love…I’m a happy camper.

    …Until I think about anything bigger. Local, state, and national politics, the state of education and the environment, etc. The world’s going to hell in a clutch purse, by my little corner rocks.

  6. Upon having the IHOP funny face pancake placed in front of him, my 7-year-old son said, “I am prancing through the fields of goodness.” (Little dude has copious swag.)

  7. The thought that in a few months I shall be fleeing the gray, wet, cold (still 50 degrees here) Pacific Northwest for greener and certainly warmer fields… hopefully with a better career to boot. (to boooot)

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