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AI: Skepchick Love!

It’s skeptic season once again! We have Skepchickcon and TAM both within countdown range, and Dragon*Con just around the corner from TAM!

The best part of it all? I get to hang with my fellow Skepchicks! We don’t get to see each other very often, but when we do, I swell with pride to be part of such a truly amazing group of women (and some of their dudes-from-home are pretty amazing, too.) It’s almost unbelievable the amount of rockage this group can bring. And, to top it off, we adore each other (at least I adore all of them.) I can’t figure out which one I admire the most. I just want to collect them all up and buy us a big house on Skepchick Island for a non-stop love fest.

Today, why don’t you show us some love! Tell us who your favorite Skepchick is and why. Let’s have the mushiest lovey-est cheeriest Monday thread ever!

The Afternoon Inquisition (or AI) is a question posed to you, the Skepchick community. Look for it to appear daily at 3pm ET.


Elyse MoFo Anders is the bad ass behind forming the Women Thinking, inc and the superhero who launched the Hug Me! I'm Vaccinated campaign as well as podcaster emeritus, writer, slacktivist extraordinaire, cancer survivor and sometimes runs marathons for charity. You probably think she's awesome so you follow her on twitter.

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  1. Oh my gosh well Rebecca was my first, before her I had no idea there was such a thing as a skepchick so she will always have a special place in my heart but to pick a favorite would be impossible. Each skepchick is wonderful in their own special way. So sending mushy love too you ALL on this happy Monday. See you on the skepti-island!

  2. I cannot disclose, my favourite(s) for obvious reasons. So instead let me just describe why I love one of them.
    Late night talks on the couch of her Mom’s couch while the other skepchicks are off to sleep, a sense of being able to tell her everything and anything as she can with me as well, plus she is quite easy on the eyes as well if I may say. She has an amazing husband who in just one weekend became someone I already consider a bff and also has a child that I would do anything for at the drop of a hat if said skepchick ever asked. Those and many other reasons are why she is one of the few that I hold very close to my heart. Nothing against the other few, but this was written specifically for the writer of the Monday A.I.

  3. Elyse is totally my fave! She’s hilarious and super informative on a myriad of subjects. Also, I’m pretty sure we’re personality twins. And damn is she quick on her game… always prepared with comebacks… love it.. and that kid of hers is too freaking cute.

    Sam’s not too far behind her though… because he’s Sam. And awesome.

  4. I have to give a shout out to Teek, ‘cos she’s awesome, and great company over a lovely indian dinner.

    Other than the fact of more personal time spent with her, it’s hard to choose between a bunch of such intelligent fun women.

  5. I love Rebecca the most because she’s the one who got me hooked on the skepchicks. She is super intelligent, exudes cuteness, is a cat person like me, and is just totally rad.

    But I am lustily in love with Elyse! She gets me all hot and bothered! Why I do declare!

  6. Skepchick Love

    This summer’s hottest movie.

    Journey to skepchick island.

    See the skepchicks sunbathe on the beach!

    Peak in on the skepchick’s pillow fights!

    Marvel at the hot and senouse skepchick on skepchick lovefest!

    Listen to the sexy skepchick drinking contests!

    Compare the amazing skepchick boobies!

    Comings soon to a theater in your imagination!

  7. A man had to choose his favorite Skepchick and narrows it down to his favorite three. He decided to give each one $5,000 and see how they spent it.

    The first Skepchick contributed the money to JREF and she told the man that I know how much you like skeptical organizations and how much you loved TAM last year and I knew this would make you happy.

    The second Skepchick gave the money to a child vaccination and education organization that provides vaccines to under served and poor populations around the world and fights the ignorance that is Jenny McCarthy.

    The third Skepchick invested the money in the stock market, doubled her investment, returned the $5000 to the man and reinvested the rest. She said, It seemed better to make more money and then have you choose which organization you wanted to have the money go to.

    The man thought long and hard about how each of the Skepchick’s spent the money and makes his choice. The one with the biggest boobies is my favorite says the man! ;)

  8. omFSM, woman! Are you trying to start a fight? You realize that this can only end in a Skepchick-on-Skepchick jello wrestling match…


    …oh, my….

    In that case, I have to choose the much-missed and still missing Evelyn. Why? Because she rocks with real rock.

  9. I don’t have a favorite since I follow my grandmother’s axiom that comparisons are odious.

    @James Fox: What are those of us who like a mouthful but not much more supposed to do to choose a favorite?

  10. Well, let me keep my list short.

    DISCLAIMER: The people on this list are presented randomly, not in order of preference.

    Sam Ogden-I never grew out of that “girls are icky” phase. Simple Y-gene preference.

    Rebecca-She’s how I came about learing of, via the SGU. I found out about the SGU by doing a search on some of the people who have appeared on “The Universe”, and Wiki mentioned it. So, she’s my first.

    Elyse-I respect her, she knows how to get in a mental/philosophical tussel (le?) and handle her business. If we ever met, she’s probably slap me because I’d just stare at her brain, instead of keeping them where they belong-on her boobs.

  11. It’s so hard to choose a favorite. But if there’s one Skepchick that I always perk up for it’s Evelyn. Perhaps it’s because she writes about cool science, getting attacked by pirates, and she’s into geology & volcanoes. I’m sure I would totally enjoy beers with her. Also, she writes so infrequently that it’s always a pleasant surprise to see an Evelyn post.

  12. Gosh, I don’t think this question works in my favor…

    If I don’t say Rebecca, the odds are she will kick my ass the next time I see her.

    If I don’t say Elyse, then I’m cut off from all of the Tang/50 yd. line goodness

    If I don’t say Jill, then she’ll never draw a picture of me!

    So I’m gonna go ahead and say that I love ALL Skepchicks, whoever and wherever they are, simply for being awesomesexygeniuses. How’s that for covering my ass? :-P

  13. Oh my. I only recently started following the site and the discussions here. I can’t choose yet! If I gotta choose, I guess I have to go with Rebecca, since I wouldn’t have known about the site otherwise :)

  14. I might be biased, but you guys are forgetting about the best skepchick, and not coincidentally the only one who ever cooked me Indian food.

  15. I’ve only been here 3 or 4 months, so some Skepchicks are still strangers. Rebecca will always be number 1 because I found this site by following her from someplace else. It was a week or 2 before I clued in that there was a whole bevy of Skepchicks.
    You are all awesome folks. I would love to meet you all and practice getting drunk with you, but alas, I will have to adore and worship you all from afar for the time being.

  16. @davew:

    Well, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bit wholesome skeptic-on-skeptic man-love. Of course, nothing about me is wholesome, so it’s probably best to check the local statutes before you give up your heterosexuality for the likes of me.


    Hehehe . . . . Hey . . . .!


    Yes, girls are icky. But that’s precisely why I love them.

    All of the Chicks, and the female readers are my faves. In fact, they can get icky me any time they want to get icky with me. And if they need me to get icky them, I’ll get icky with them for as long as I’m humanly capable.

  17. I’ve been a lurker, but this poll motivated me to register: Elyse totally rocks! She’s smart, funny, sexy, and oh so Skeptical! :)

  18. Honestly there isn’t anyway I can pick one over the other, my favourites tend to be the ones I’ve interacted with so I have a bit of a list.

    1. Jill, part of my local Skepticrew and responsible for my gravatar despite the difficulty my beard was to draw she persevered she rocks.

    2. Elyse, Carrie, Chelsea my #skeptwiit crew on twitter you are awesome, love tweeting with you all.

    3. Jen and Maria who have given me so much info and help on how to setup Skepticamp here.

    4. Rebecca for putting this all together and constantly adding great content to the Skeptical movement.

    5. Anyone I missed because really you all rock!

  19. @Sam Ogden:
    “All of the Chicks, and the female readers are my faves. In fact, they can get icky me any time they want to get icky with me. And if they need me to get icky them, I’ll get icky with them for as long as I’m humanly capable.”

    I need a signed copy of this.

  20. While it would likely be more polite to say that I like them all and can’t decide, I’m going try to skip that nonsense and say I like Elyse best. This is likely due to her personality and me wanting to share fuzzy blankets and chocolate with her. Though, I think I’d be willing to share fuzzy blankets and chocolate with any skepchick. So maybe I can’t decide. Damn, figuring out which skepchick I like best is almost like standing in a shoe isle and trying to only get ONE PAIR, when there’s lots of good shoes. We’ve got ruby Mary-Janes Rebecca, Carr2D2 silver stillettoes, go-go boots Teek and clear-heels Elyse. I’m sure there’s some foot fetish fan that can figure out the rest.

    Oh, wait, back to favorite skepchick! Do we have a Fuzzy Bunny Slippers skepchick?

  21. masalaskeptic hands down. No doubt. Mostly because she is such a good sport.

    Sorry Elyse, but Mr. Elyse is dreaming Atlanta.

  22. I would say Rebecca. I just discovered her YouTube videos and they’re great. She also has an asteroid named after her. How many people can say that?

  23. My favorite is A because I’ve hung out with her and she’s delicious in a corset.

    But I expect to meet more skepchicks at skepchickcon/CONvergence next month. I can’t wait!

  24. I have to go with our favorite newcomer and expatriate Aussie, Karen. I’ve been in lo…lust with her since I first stumbled upon Skepbitch. When I realized that she was now sharing with us here as well I had a nearly religious experience. However, a couple of kleenex cleaned things up.

  25. Dudes, what a great thread, but it’s just impossible for me to pick a favorite.

    I love Rebecca, because she lead the way.

    I love Elyse, because she inspires me all the time.

    I love Sam, because he’s suave and funny and whip-smart and cute as hell.

    I love Maria, because she’s all that. People, I’m not kidding. Srsly.

    I love Carr, because she’s real and loves Dr. Who more than any one should.

    I love Karen, because she’s not only a Skepchick, she’s the Skepbitch too!

    I love Jill because she’s so darn quick-witted, uber-talented with a drawing, and has the driest sense of humor. Also, Canadian.

    I love Chelsea, because she’s daring and lovely.

    I love Teek, because she never misses a thing, and is so damn funny.

    I love Stacey because she’s thoughtful and has a great laugh.

    I love Bug_Girl, because she shows me how to live an authentic life and be a real girl.

    I love Amanda because she’s snarky and independent.

    I love Jen because she loves movies as much (if not more) than I do and is eloquent and sharp-minded when discussing said movies (or anything else.)

    I love Evelyn because she is willing to live a big, broad, daring life. And while living this life, she’ll tell you she spends most of her time in the lab.

    And, there’s still love for all the teen Skepchicks, and Vera and all the non-Skepchick Blogger skepchicks. So many of those too. Big love for smart, rational chicks.

    Who wants to pillow fight?

  26. Aw man, this thread is full of the lurve! Very sweet.

    I, obviously, can’t pick a favorite cuz they’re all fab. I started to, but then I wrote too much and it was all gushy and then I didn’t want to leave anyone out and realized I’d be up all night. So, I’ll just 2nd everything above . . .

  27. I choose not to choose amongst the wonderfully bright and fascinating women here ( though, for what it’s worth, I tend to nod my head most affirmatively with Elyse and Carr2d2 ), so I think I will express my man-love toward James Fox. It’s as if he types my own thoughts. How can one not love a mirror image, especially if the mirror is cracked in just the right places to be different. I love you mannnn!

    Plus, he really likes da boobies.

  28. I’m not going to rank my love of any skepchicks, but I want to share some favorite features.
    Rebecca, for being all around awesome, starting it all, and leading me here from the SGU (not to mention how much flair she adds to the show).
    Elyse, for always having something worthwhile to add to the conversations, and a wicked sense of humor (though I’ve yet to see a skepchick without one, some stand out just a tiny bit).
    Karen, I love skepbitch, and a skepchick, too! I’m a half-assed student of recreational anthropology and language, I’m always happy to learn something from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.
    And a quick something for everyone, skepchick represents the underrepresented in skepticism. It’s not all older men with beards, scientists, and engineers. Hurray for representing women, the young, the arts, other academic fields, and everyday folks who just don’t care for magical thinking.

  29. Despite our tussle in the Iran thread, I have to go with my first ever skepchickRebecca!

    And this is because of the SGU podcast. Her hilarity has left caused me to inhale rootbeer on more than one occasion.

    It’s always awesome to see so many intelligent and wonderful women in one place, however.

    And there’s Sam, Sam rocks.

  30. @Merkuto:

    And a quick something for everyone, skepchick represents the underrepresented in skepticism. It’s not all older men with beards, scientists, and engineers. Hurray for representing women, the young, the arts, other academic fields, and everyday folks who just don’t care for magical thinking.

    Exactly! COTW for that part.


    Yo, sporefrog, your handle reminded me of this post:

  31. @Gabrielbrawley

    Don’t tell me that I chose when I didn’t choose. If I wanted to choose I’d choose, but since I didn’t , no choice was chosen,

  32. I’ve been lurking the blog for quite some time, but I feel I cannot hold back and not share some skepchick luuurve!!

    You are all AWESOME!!! I cannot choose anyone above the others! I have to admit, though, that I spend more time with Rebecca as I am an avid listener of the SGU (and she often make me laugh out loud and attract puzzled looks from the other bus riders ;-)).

    And, Carr2d2: awesome nickname!!!

    Ladies (and gent): you rock!!!!

  33. Talking about how awesome we all are is really not helping me be any less excited about TAM! I might not make it until then and if I do, I think I’m going to end up exploding from Skepchicky goodness.

  34. Karen Stolznow (the newest one) who took the time to email me and help me (an inner city missionary) figure out there could be life of purpose without God.

  35. Although all the skepchicks are awesome, IMHO, Bug Girl is the most awesome.

    For one, she is a full-fledged professor. And I’m the type of girl who things higher learning is super-sexy (my Mister’s attractiveness went up by leaps and bounds when he got his Master’s Degree).

    Second, I really enjoy her writing style. It’s a nice mix of Midwestern practicality and dry, wry humor.

    Third, she cooks with bugs! And makes it sound really interesting and tasty.

    Fourth, I’ve actually met her before and can vouch that she’s as cool in person as she is in her blog posts.

  36. I read through this thread and didn’t expect to find my name here, for I am but a newbie! So many thanks to Merkuto, truthwalker and Jimmy for the kind words. (Jimmy – I was in Australia for four months this year – talk about missed opportunities!)

    I’ve only been a part of things for the past few weeks, but already I’ve been made to feel very welcome, and I’m continually struck by the intelligence, strength and wit of every one of my fellow Skepchicks! x

  37. I love Elyse because of her funny posts, and the fact that I’ve met her wonderful family.

    I love Rebecca for her funny comments on the SGU, and for starting Skepchick.

    I love the other Skepchicks for making this site a daily must read.

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