Happy Birthday, Car2d2!

Unfortunately, I was unable to put together the kind of porn bonanza I had for bug_girl’s birthday Friday.  Turns out, there is no TARDIS porn on the interewbs.  Well, I’m sure there is, but I can’t find it.  I putting out an APB for all Skepchick readers to be on the lookout for some porn and to please post it here!

With all these Skepchick birthdays, I’m a little concerned for my marriage should my husband look at my Google history.  (“No, really, I was searching those terms for my friend!”)

The best I do was bake this cake for you.  Which obviously got kidnapped and taken to London instead of being delivered to the beach for you and Masala_Skeptic to enjoy today with your umbrella drinks and sexy skeptic friends.  I apologize, but at least the British girl who stole your cake was nice enough to film herself enjoying it.

Hope you’re having a really great one.  I wish I were on the beach with you today; I hear the weather is almost as amazing as you are.


Elyse MoFo Anders is the bad ass behind forming the Women Thinking, inc and the superhero who launched the Hug Me! I'm Vaccinated campaign as well as podcaster emeritus, writer, slacktivist extraordinaire, cancer survivor and sometimes runs marathons for charity. You probably think she's awesome so you follow her on twitter.

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  1. Happy Birthday Carr2D2! I took it upon myself to scout out the aforementioned beach and confirmed that it contains: Sand, Water, Sun, Jellyfish, Sea Shells, Cute Boys Delivering Beach Chairs and Umbrellas.

    Should be a good day… :)

  2. Maybe not THAT amazing, but it is really nice here. The Weather Channel guys are feverishly working on regaining some credibility after their last Destin report on Saturday before we left:

    “Destin is FUCKED, bascially. Fay is moving in slowly and you’ll get betweem 20 inches and 37 feet of rain, basically. The whole thing is in a dreadful state and you’d be wise to flee the area at all speed. If not, sit on your roof with a rowboat and repent.”

    Apparently carr is awake — I tweet therefore I am — so Maria and I are waiting for enough people to wake up so we can get some breakfast.

    Great time last night with the local ChickReaders. I hope they had fun, too, ’cause once we get our scuba certification, they’ll be hearing more from us :)

  3. Just like the real C3PO needed R2D2 in order to get thru the toughest of situations, I need you. You’re the best a “droid” could ever ask for and with you in the world I know we’ll never be doomed.

  4. aww…you kids are the best!
    i had a wonderful time at the beach this afternoon. i’m hoping the nice freckly brown color i’ve turned doesn’t morph into a beet red overnight.
    maria hasn’t yet succeeded in getting me wasted.

    and that cake kicks ass, elyse. thanks!

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