Join Us In New York! Saturday 26th July.

Yes, that’s right, the English Skepchick (ME!) is going to be in New York Ciddy along with Rebecca, Masala, Stacey and Elyse, being very LOUD, demanding and generally hilarious. I’ll have flown a long way to see everyone, so you all have to come. Presents are not required but hugs are mandatory. Except for that one guy. He knows who he is. “Busy” hands, indeed.

Location TBA, but there’s a link to the event on Facebook here so you can add your name and give us a rough idea of numbers, or comment here to say “Yes, I want to hang out with the Skepchicks in New York and make TK’s visit an amazingly exciting one, and will sell my collection of vintage grandmothers to do so”.

See you there! Yay!

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  1. Hi there!

    Except for that one guy. He knows who he is. “Busy” hands, indeed.

    How many guys here are going to reflexively take this comment personally? ;)

  2. I’ll definitely be there! I hope I’ll have recovered from the Central NJ Drinking Skeptically event in New Brunswick, which BTW is 8PM tonight at Harvest Moon… oops did I make a shameless plug? Why yes, yes I did.

  3. Aw, all busy hands are welcome! I’m sure we can find some beer to keep them occupied :D

    I’ve only been to NY once, and that was 8 years ago, so I’m extra specially excited about this trip. Hanging out with you guys is the icing on the cake.

    Ooh, we should get cake!

  4. Cake! There shall be cake.

    Walt, if you weren’t so quick on the trigger, there, I’d have plugged your meet-up myself! Your turn-around time is truly remarkable.

  5. Yes, but would your plug have been as shameless?

    I’m sorry, I’m an impatient git.

  6. I have been checking the comment of the week to check when and where the Central NJ Drinking Skeptically event was going to be. Good thing I rechecked before I left work, but alas I don’t think I can make it.

  7. Thats the day Lori Lipman Brown will be speaking to the NYC Skeptics. Maybe everyone can meet at that event and go from there?

  8. “Cake! There shall be cake.”

    Um, ladies… I think you know just the cake Tracy would love to have… indeed, she sent us a helpful photo of it not too long ago on the back channel…

    I am so sad to miss this. So sad. Damn ComicCon! I’m only placated by the fact that The Bad Astronomer will be here in San Diego for CC, so I’ll get a little time with skeptical friends anyway…

  9. Erm– What time? I already blew off one Saturday class, and as competition is coming up in September, I am loath to miss too many more.

    If afternoon is okay, would anyone in the Philly area like to try for another car-pool? Come on, you remember how comfy my car was!

  10. Yes, it is the day of Lori Lipman Brown’s talk! I’m in contact w/ the NYC Skeptics and I’m hoping that a lot of people (if not everyone) attend her talk and then join us for the afterparty! I’m thinking we could start around 4pm (Lori’s talk is at 1pm, and I’m looking at a venue nearby . . . just need a decent headcount first).

  11. Hmm. Not sure yet if I’ll be able to make that. Who from the Boston contigent will be heading that way? It might be fun to do the NYC Skeptics talk and meet up there for drinks/etc after, but I’d either want to meet people up in Boston and bus/car down together, or organize it so I can leave from my folks’ place in CT somehow.

    Having done the Boston/NYC and back in one day via bus thing once (as Kerry will recall), I’m not so keen to do it all in one go again.

  12. I’m in for both the talk on that day and whatever the becomes of the after party. Any of my Jersey skeptics going in for this one?

  13. I’d love to go. Any Philly skeptics want to make the trek to see Lori Lipman, too?

    Otherwise, if no one else comes…do you think I could hitch a ride back with you, Rav?

  14. Jason and I are considering making it up there. July 26th is his birthday, so that would be a fun way to celebrate!

    I doubt we’ll drive up though; the last time I drove to NYC I was a screaming ball of rage. So maybe China Town Bus or the train?

  15. Rav, I’ll have to get back to you on that one. I’ve switched into accountant mode and am on a budget rampage, ha. So I need to figure out if we can (I’m thinking we’ll be able to) fit it into our budget.
    Also, if we go, we may not be able to get on the road until afternoon either depending on whether or not he has overtime that Friday night.

  16. So… Rystefn has been looking at a few numbers, and may actually be able to make it, in theory. Hypothetically – where would be an inexpensive place to crash in the vicinity, and how much would it cost to get from the airport to the location? Ballpark is fine, just trying to get a loose idea.

  17. Can’t wait to meet a few of you.

    Rystefn-cab is $45 each way from JFK to anywhere in Manhattan, not including tips and tolls. A little less from La Guardia. About $8 each way if you take the subway. As to “inexpensive” place to stay, not sure I can help you there. Hotels are typically at least $200/night this time of year.

  18. Is there one in the vicinity? Honestly, I’m somewhat more concerned about location than anything else… I just didn’t want to be broadsided with something far out of the range I was expecting, you know?

  19. OK, is verified. I will be there. Hitting NY Friday morning and staying on until Sunday. Any of you who’ll be around Friday/Friday night, I’d love to hang out. Also, I have no idea where the NY skeptics or whatever meet, so we’ll see if I de-lazy myself enough to look it up before then, or if Saturday morning will see me trying to call around a chain of people getting numbers of other people until I get in touch with someone who knows. I give it about 50/50.

  20. Westchester checking in. Send me a message on IRC or something.

    I see the speech is on 55th. There’s a place you might like on 30th-ish… I dunno, my day’s free.

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