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  • Join Us In New York! Saturday 26th July.

    Yes, that’s right, the English Skepchick (ME!) is going to be in New York Ciddy along with Rebecca, Masala, Stacey and Elyse, being very LOUD, demanding and generally hilarious. I’ll have flown a long way to see everyone, so you all have to come. Presents are not required but hugs are mandatory. Except for that one guy. He knows who…

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  • Reminder: Sex and Skepticism in New York City

    Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday the 16th, I’ll be giving a talk I think I will call Sex and Skepticism: Where are All the Women? It’s sure to be a great time — I’ll be discussing the apparent lack of women in the skeptical community and what we might be able to do to make it better. Where: University…

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