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Amanda works in healthcare, is a loudmouthed feminist, and proud supporter of the Oxford comma.

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  1. TheCzech- It would seem that way at the moment, but I’m not ready to say never. There very well could be an essential discovery about how either disease itself works, or how our bodies work that we’ll be able to manipulate and effectively “cure” all “diseases”.

    The cure for cancer might involve a near-complete reconstruction of the body or large sections of the body. We don’t know how to do it now, but it’s theoretically possible. Of course, it also depends on how you define disease. Viral and bacterial diseases are treated differently. Cancer and other disorders are each different, and psychological “diseases” or “disorders” even more different.

    I think it’s true that we’ll never be perfect, and if we’re immune to all the stuff that makes us sick, we might start calling asymmetrical faces or too-small breasts or penises “diseases”.

    Speaking of- in relation to the padded bra story, I hear that teenage girls are getting breast augmentation surgery in greater numbers. Working in an upper-class suburb, I am completely willing to believe some of these high school girls would get boob jobs for their sweet-sixteens.

  2. I can’t imagine getting a boob job at 16. Your boobs probably haven’t even stopped growing at that point.

    So if you get the implants and then you grow some more, you’ve suddenly gone from buxom to “holy crap, my back hurts” and then you want more surgery to have the implants taken out. That sounds genius.

  3. It just goes younger and younger, all the bad body image stuff. My mom passed hers down to me in spades, and I’m doing my damnedest not to pass the favor along to my own daughter. She’s almost nine, and so slender that she only recently realized that MOST people actually have to unsnap and unzip their jeans before putting them on. And recently she asked me something about whether or not a certain food would make her fat.


  4. Unzip your jeans? That’s a time-waster if I’ve ever heard of one… Seriously, though, I knwo how harsh that self-image stuff can be. I’ve known a few people to have major issues in that area, and it’s no easy thing to deal with, especially trying to help from the outside. I can’t say I know what the answer is, but I’m fairly certain teenage boob-jobs are not it. Neither seven-year old padded bras.

  5. “The chance of being hit by a meteorite is so small that getting hit five times has to be deliberate.”

    Well, if no one else is gonna say it I guess I will. It’s obvious Rebecca Watson has gained psychic control of RebeccaWatson and is now hurling chunks at believers.

    Sorry to expose you Rebecca. Please don’t bring your wrath down upon my humble home.

  6. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not really out to get you, you know.

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