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The Economics of Our Robot Future

On Sunday morning of SkepchickCON I was one of the panelists on the faux award winning Cities of the Future panel along with Ryan Consell, Desiree Schell and Shawn Otto. We discussed a whole bunch of issues and problems that may come up in a future society such as global warming, resource constraints, and increased urbanization, but by far my favorite part was when we discussed robots. Right now w... »

Cosplay SkepchickCON-Style

Cosplay SkepchickCON-Style

Another SkepchickCON has come to a close and this year was one of the best ever. As usual, our merry band of Skepchick Network contributors walked the halls of CONvergence in some top notch cosplay. Mad Art Lab‘s Beth realized two nights before SkepchickCON that she had not put together a cosplay yet. She made a Target run and ended up creating most of the pieces of her costume in her hotel ... »

Photo of Daenerys Targaryen

The Takedown of the NYT Chart on Student Loan Debt Isn’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for articles pointing out why some giant study being reported on in the media is actually bunk. In fact, that’s pretty much the only thing I ever write about here at Skepchick. So, this week when I saw everyone on my facebook feed sharing an article from the Awl entitled “Gaslighting Millenials: That Big Study About How the Student Debt Nightmare Is in Your Head? I... »

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Some Questions about the SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Decision Explained

Yesterday when the SCOTUS decision came down siding with Hobby Lobby in their case to be allowed to opt-out of the ACA contraception mandate based on their sincerely held religious beliefs, I was just as dumbfounded as the rest of you. Like others, I worried about the breadth of the decision. Does this mean that any corporation could opt-out of any law, provided they have a religious belief to bac... »

Infographic showing the increasing prevalence of Pica Disorder

Bad Chart Thursday: Useful Tips for Making a Bad Infographic

Today, over at Skepchick HQ, we got a special message from reader Ali that is definitely not spam: We’re trying to get the word out about a new eating disorder that is on the rise called pica. Pica is an addiction to eating things that aren’t food. I wanted to pass along this link to the infographic we just published about it! -http://www.clarityway.com/blog/pica-eating-disorder-infographic/... »

Meb Keflezighi crossing the finish line

No, Meb Keflezighi Was Not the First American to Win the Boston Marathon Since 1983

If you have watched or read any news lately then you know that yesterday at the Boston Marathon Meb Keflezighi was the first American to win since 1983. It’s a momentous occasion and even more meaningful coming after last year’s Boston Marathon bombing. Meb Keflezighi, an Olympic silver medalist in 2004 is almost 39 years old and lost his Nike sponsorship as recently as 2011. Most considered him p... »

GoDaddy Logo

GoDaddy Released My Personal Information to a Spammer Troll

Yesterday, I learned that GoDaddy released personally identifiable information about me to a spammer troll. You see, it all started way back in August of 2011 2012 (edit: I was mistaken on the date of the original incident) when I got a dodgy-looking email from someone I didn’t recognize that said only “Transcendental Argument for the existence of God (17:36)” and a link to a website that I did no... »

4 Myths about Taxes

4 Myths about Taxes

If you’re living and working in the U.S. then you know today is that most infamous of “holidays,” Tax Day. You are either rushing to finish your taxes and get it to the post office before they close or are smugly sitting back and relaxing because you finished your taxes ahead of time to avoid the last-minute rush. As one of the latter who already received and spent most of my refund weeks ago on n... »

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