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GoDaddy Released My Personal Information to a Spammer Troll

Yesterday, I learned that GoDaddy released personally identifiable information about me to a spammer troll. You see, it all started way back in August of 2011 2012 (edit: I was mistaken on the date of the original incident) when I got a dodgy-looking email from someone I didn’t recognize that said only “Transcendental Argument for the existence of God (17:36)” and a link to a website that I did no... »

4 Myths about Taxes

4 Myths about Taxes

If you’re living and working in the U.S. then you know today is that most infamous of “holidays,” Tax Day. You are either rushing to finish your taxes and get it to the post office before they close or are smugly sitting back and relaxing because you finished your taxes ahead of time to avoid the last-minute rush. As one of the latter who already received and spent most of my refund weeks ago on n... »

perceived vs actual intelligence charts for men and women

Hey Man, You Have IQ All Over Your Face

A study released this month by Czech researchers proves that you can tell the intelligence of a man just by looking at him, but women are a closed book. This probably happens because of all the man hormones telling the ladies what good baby-makers they would be. Or something. At least that is what all the articles written about the study seem to suggest. The truth is a bit more complicated. The re... »

Chart showing that homebirth death rates are far higher than hospital rates

Homebirth Safety and Risk

Originally posted at Grounded Parents Trigger Warning for talk regarding neonatal mortality. The relative risks of homebirths versus hospital births is an extremely contentious subject. Previous research, mostly done in European countries has shown an extremely small or even nonexistent risk of newborn death from homebirths relative to hospital births, however until recently there have been almost... »

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Anti-Harassment Policy? Not at Our Hotel!

As the representative Chicagoan here at Skepchick, I was pretty excited a couple months ago when we were contacted by the new Chicago geek convention Chi-Fi. Chi-Fi’s programming director loved our Skepchick/FTB track at CONvergence and invited us to attend Chi-Fi in Chicago in March 2014. It was too late to plan an entire skepticism track, but many of the Skepchicks were going to make the trek ou... »

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Does ’16 and Pregnant’ Convince Teens Not to Get Pregnant?

Yesterday, researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research released a new paper looking at the effect of watching the MTV shows 16 and Pregnant and its spin-offs Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 on teen birth rates. They claim they have found causal evidence to suggest that in areas in which the show is more popular, teen pregnancies are falling at a faster rate than areas in which the show is le... »

An Open Letter to Katie Couric

An Open Letter to Katie Couric

Dear Katie Couric, This week you posted a response to the critics of your talk show episode on the HPV vaccine who accused you of spending most of the episode overemphasizing the risks of the vaccine to the point of even talking about hypothetical, unproven and unlikely risks or letting your interviewees state completely false “facts” without challenge. I am not writing to you about the HPV episod... »

Guide to Convincing Parents to Vaccinate their Children

Guide to Convincing Parents to Vaccinate their Children

A couple months ago I posted, here on Skepchick, the marketing research study done by Women Thinking, Inc looking into the most effective types of messaging for convincing parents to vaccinate their children. Perhaps you read it or, more likely, you downloaded it, saw it was a million pages long, skimmed over a bit of it, then moved on. Not everyone has 20-30 minutes to read through a detailed pap... »

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